My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1588

Chapter 1588 On Behalf of My Girlfriend

Fabian very naturally introduced himself, followed by Jessie, who took a deep breath before introducing herself. “Hello everyone, I’m Jessie Silverstein. I play Estelle in Fallen Heaven. I hope everyone enjoys my performance.”

“Whoa! She’s so beautiful!” “Her skin is so smooth and fair. It looks like it’s glowing!” Seeing the fans below her eyeing her, Jessie was still suppressing her nervousness, but then she thought she might be even more nervous when the emcee started asking questions.

As she expected, the emcee began by asking questions about the storyline. After a few questions, he began steering off course and asking private questions that fans were curious about.

“Jessie, you’re new to this industry, right? Everyone must not know you that well, so can you answer a few questions from the fans?” “Sure, go ahead!” Jessie smiled and replied.

“Who’s your first kiss?” Jessie was stunned. Can I tell them the answer? However, she cleverly asked, “Are you referring to the movie? Of course, it’s our male protagonist.”

“No, I’m not. We’re more curious about your private life!” “About that… I’m sorry, but it’s not convenient for me to answer that question.” “Sure. If that’s too difficult for you, how about this one? How many past boyfriends have you dated? Just tell us the number.” The male emcee began to ask tricky questions.

Meanwhile, the fans were all looking forward to the answer, wanting to know the number of past boyfriends the new rising actress had dated. Jessie stuck out one finger and said, “One.”

“Whoa! Why don’t you tell us about your standards when choosing your future boyfriend or husband? Would you prefer a tall and handsome playboy or a gentle and caring man?”

In Jessie’s mind, she answered, I don’t mean to brag, but my boyfriend is not only tall and handsome but also gentle and caring too! “I…” Jessie suddenly didn’t know how to rephrase her words to make them sound less like she was bragging.

“How about we do it this way? Among all the male celebrities in the entertainment industry, who do you think is your dream boyfriend?” When the emcee saw the crowd growing more excited, he began to probe deeper into Jessie’s private life.

“We’re here to promote our movie, so let’s keep these private questions unanswered for suspense!” Fabian tried to help.

“The fans like Jessie very much! That’s why we’re all curious and want to know her better.” The emcee chuckled, not intending to let Jessie go.

The question was a hard one to answer because Vincent had asked Jessie not to reveal her relationship with Julian.

Just as everyone was waiting for Jessie’s answer, a figure strode up from beside the stage. The man took off his hood and mask, revealing his identity. Then, Julian approached Jessie and took away her microphone.

At that moment, Jessie was stunned while the fans below were screaming at the top of their lungs, thinking, Oh my gosh! It’s Julian! He’s here!

“Let me answer that question on behalf of my girlfriend! Of course, her dream boyfriend would be me.” After saying that, he hugged Jessie’s shoulder, indicating his identity.

At that instant, the crowd below the stage was in an uproar.

Julian had openly revealed his relationship with Jessie, which was beyond their expectations. There was no need for any evidence because they all knew it was confirmed just by looking at Julian’s gentle eyes that were on Jessie.

Meanwhile, the emcee had a stiff smile on his face. He coughed softly and tried to control the situation. “It seems like Mr. Gilmore does deserve the title of best male actor!”

Jessie leaned toward his ear and whispered, “Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be at another event?”

“I’m worried about you!” Julian lowered his body and responded softly beside her ear.

“Director Cooper is going to be furious.”

“I don’t care as long as it makes me happy.”

“Why you…” Jessie stared at him coquettishly, while Julian looked back at her while smiling. At this moment, his fans could only see his side profile because all his attention was on Jessie!

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