My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1587

Chapter 1587 Attending an Advertising Campaign

Jessie glanced at him and squinted her eyes while pleading, “Just listen to what Director Cooper says!” “Fine!” Julian finally agreed. Seeing that, Vincent and the others felt relieved. It seemed like the only person who could persuade Julian was Jessie.

Later, Jessie had her makeup done at the company and put on a custom-made dress. She appeared at the event venue inside the shopping mall at 3.00PM. Her skin looked as fair as glistening snow, and her black, straight hair looked stunning and smooth.

When she and Julian separated at the company, Julian personally saw her off until they reached the car. Right before she got in, she seized the opportunity to kiss him. Then, Julian reminded her, “Be careful, and call me if anything happens.”

“Alright.” “If the emcee asks you something you don’t want to answer, you can refuse to answer it.”

Since Jessie had never attended any advertising campaigns, she was quite nervous. She nodded in agreement. “Alright then! I’ll keep that in mind. You should hurry up and get ready too!” Afterward, Julian closed the door and watched her car leave.

On the road, Jessie’s manager, Sera, mentioned many things to Jessie and even showed her the answers to some potential questions. Sera also told Jessie that the emcee would ask questions according to these questions and answers, so Jessie only had to answer them according to the given answers.

Therefore, Jessie memorized all those answers while going to the venue, wanting to remember them all.

“Sera, I’m so nervous. What should I do? This is the first time I’m promoting a movie. What if I get stage fright and stammer on stage?” Jessie asked Sera.

“Don’t worry. Fabian will be there as well. You can let him answer if you’re not sure how to. He’s more experienced in these things.”

Jessie nodded, still feeling so nervous that her hands were sweating. Since she had gone to watch the movie premiere yesterday, she was confident in her work. Moreover, the movie rating skyrocketed to 9.6 right after the premiere, which was considerably high.

Meanwhile, back at the company, Julian and a few veteran actors would be heading to the event together, but since the venue was not far from where they were, the company hadn’t arranged for them to leave.

Julian was sitting at the cafe in the lobby, feeling worried the more he thought about Jessie heading to the advertising campaign alone. What if she gets too nervous? What if the emcee asks her difficult questions? What if someone thinks she and Fabian are a couple?

A lot of questions filled Julian’s mind, and his heart began thumping wildly. In the end, he stood up and looked at Vincent before blurting out, “I’m not going there anymore.” Once he said that, he grabbed his keys and speed walked out.

“Hey! Julian, where are you going? It’s almost time for the event. How can you walk out on us?” Vincent ran after him.

However, Julian had already disappeared from the lobby. He dashed toward his car and got inside before speeding toward the shopping mall where Jessie would be attending the advertising campaign.

In the meantime, Jessie arrived at the shopping mall and entered the green room through the employee-only passage. Fabian was already dressed handsomely and was waiting for her. When their gazes met, they smiled at each other.

“Oh my gosh! Jessie, you look so pretty today!” Fabian sincerely praised.

“You also look very handsome!” Jessie smiled and praised back.

“Don’t be nervous on stage. If you don’t want to answer the questions, you can just leave them to me.”

“Sure. Thank you.”

When Jessie and Fabian finally got on stage, Jessie found that she had underestimated the number of fans that came to the event. All she saw was a sea of black filling the entire ground floor of the shopping mall, as well as fans peering down from above!

Feeling nervous, Jessie pursed her lips while her hands, which were holding the microphone, started sweating.

“Alright. Let’s invite both actors to introduce themselves.” The emcee was a man, and he was the kind that looked crafty at first glance.

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