My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1586

Chapter 1586 I Wish They Were Together

At this moment, Jessie and Julian were inside an elevator. Julian had his hood on while Jessie hugged him tightly, snuggling her face in his chest. The four young women who just came in had been busy chatting with each other since they were in the courtyard. They didn’t pay any attention to the couple already inside the elevator and continued to talk loudly.

“The two of them looked so good together! I kept fangirling over them throughout the whole movie. How I wish they were together in real life as well!” “I heard that they are a real couple!”

“I wonder if that’s true, but they have my blessing anyway! I used to dislike Jessie, but now I understand the hype about her beauty. She’s indeed born to be a protagonist.”

“Isn’t she? I think so too. Gosh! Did you guys see how handsome Julian was? He never fails to steal women’s hearts. Whoever has him as her boyfriend must be the luckiest person ever!”

“I wish I could switch places with Jessie. This way, I could kiss him!”

Meanwhile, Jessie could feel the man she hugged freeze for a moment and almost burst out laughing.

She then glanced over at the young woman who said she wanted to kiss Julian. The young woman wore a cute outfit that suited her slightly plump figure. Unsurprisingly, she spoke her mind so openly and didn’t care what others thought of her.

When they finally came out of the elevator and headed toward Julian’s car, Jessie suddenly smiled and hugged Julian’s arm while skipping. “What were you so nervous about?”

Julian caressed her head while saying, “You know the answer.”

“Did your fans scare you? It seems they accept our relationship!” Jessie exclaimed joyously.

Stopping, Julian took her hands and reassured her, “You don’t have to worry about how others feel about you. What’s important is our love for each other.”

Jessie blinked a few times and nodded in agreement, but the words those fans said still made her happy inside.

“I know that. No matter what happens, we will stay with each other.” Jessie wrapped her arms around Julian’s neck and stood on her toes to plant a kiss on his cheek.

She thought, Julian looks so handsome. No wonder other women are head over heels for him. He looks super attractive on-screen and can make anyone’s heart flutter with just one action. Tonight, he managed to charm everyone through the big screen, so much so that the whole place was filled with screams. With the help of the amazing special effects, his portrayal of the Demon Lord seemed very realistic. Even when he raised his eyebrow or his head, or even made a move with his hand, it looked so handsome that it made everyone scream.

“Let’s head home!” Jessie’s eyes looked shy, and she thought, Perhaps this is a side effect of watching the movie. I want to have him entirely tonight.

“Why do you want to head home?” Julian seemed to have guessed her thoughts but still wanted to tease her.

While hiding her face in his chest, she urged, “Do something naughty. Come on, let’s go!”

Hearing that, Julian burst out laughing and brought her over to the car before speeding back home to do the naughty thing she mentioned.

The next morning, Jessie and Julian arrived at the company together. Vincent and the few producers were there because they had to attend an advertising campaign to promote the movie later in the afternoon.

“Julian, after our careful consideration, we decided not to let you and Jessie appear at the event together. I’m sure you know the reason, right? You have too many female fans, and we’re worried about box office sales.”

“Impossible. We have to appear on stage together,” Julian immediately refused.

“We are just worried about the movie not selling well! After all, this is Jessie’s first movie, and it would be bad if the movie sales weren’t good!”

“That’s right! Julian, just bear with it for a while. You and Jessie will head to different event sites at the same time, so in a way, you guys are still promoting the movie together!”

When Jessie heard the others’ suggestions, she joined them in persuading him, “I think Director Cooper is right. The investment for this movie is so large that it might have quite a huge effect if the fans refuse to buy our relationship had we made it public.”

Julian could ignore everyone else’s words except Jessie’s. He then asked unhappily, “Why can’t we appear together on stage?”

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