My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1585

Chapter 1585 Watching the Movie Premiere

“How about you sleep here? I’ll take the couch so that I won’t disturb your sleep.” Jessie was embarrassed because she was too excited to fall asleep but knew she shouldn’t disturb his sleep.

However, the man reached over and pulled her into his embrace. “Why don’t we do some exercising?” “Sure! Now? The sky is still quite dark. Why don’t we wait a bit?” Jessie asked with a serious expression.

The man burst out laughing. “The exercise I’m referring to doesn’t need us to head downstairs.” Immediately getting what he meant, Jessie blushed and buried herself in the man’s arms, unable to reject his request. Lord, men were generally the most lustful in the morning.

In the end, Jessie couldn’t stand her drowsiness despite her excitement. The man had worn her out. When she woke up again, it was already 11.00AM. Julian had ordered food for her so they could leave for the premiere in the afternoon.

Jessie wore a cute yellow sweater with a small cap over her long hair, making her look cute and innocent. On the other hand, Julian was wearing a mask with casual clothes, but when he was walking on the street, he attracted everyone’s attention with his model-like figure.

The two invited Lexie and her boyfriend to the movie premiere as well.

As Jessie was in high spirits, she felt her heart constantly thumping rapidly inside her chest as she held Julian’s hand.

When the premiere finally began, they saw Gilmore Corporation’s eye-catching and astonishing promotional logo on the big screen, followed by the movie’s opening. The special effects used in the movie were excellent, resulting in a very realistic mythical world. Also, her and Julian’s names appearing together under the “Main Cast” section looked domineering and eye-catching.

Jessie felt her heartbeat speed up again as she looked at her name, feeling like this was just a dream.

Eva’s name appeared soon after theirs. The 3D effect used was brilliant and gave the viewers a sense that they had been transported inside the movie and were taking a real trip into the mystical world.

During the movie, Jessie could hear the sounds of gasps and exclamations inside the hall, obviously indicating that they were astonished by the special effects.

She could only applaud the production crew for their wealth and capability. She felt like she could watch these special effects all day!

Following that, a young celestial servant appeared on the screen. While Jessie watched the elegant immortal she played, she thought her features looked very delicate under the great camera movements and lighting. It was as if she were a real, unrealistically beautiful young immortal.

“Oh, heavens! Isn’t that Jessie? She looks so beautiful.” A young woman sitting behind Jessie exclaimed in excitement.

Jessie had dubbed her the voice of her character herself and wasn’t expecting her voice to sound so gentle and engaging. Her tone sounded clear and penetrative, and her every expression imbued the crowd.

Meanwhile, Julian was also attracted by the image of his wife on screen and couldn’t help but praise himself for having such a good eye and choosing her to be the female protagonist.

Although filming was difficult, watching the beautiful scenes made Jessie feel that all her efforts were worth it.

On the screen, Jessie looked cute and slightly mischievous. It wasn’t until she watched herself getting beaten up and thrown out like a sandbag that she felt Julian’s Demon Lord, the male protagonist, was exceptionally handsome!

She couldn’t help but let out a few exclamations while clutching Julian’s hand tightly. “You’re so handsome.”

Turning to look at her, Julian kissed her forehead and cooed, “I’m yours.”

That moment, Jessie smiled so brightly that she squinted her eyes into slits. Yes, he’s mine. No matter how handsome he is, he’s mine.

Screams echoed throughout the entire movie hall.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that all the screams came from women. Julian was already used to it, but Jessie, just like his fans, was madly infatuated with him.

Back on screen, the young immortal servant fell into Demon Lord’s arms, and a shocking love story began.

After the movie ended, Jessie and Julian came out of the hall with their masks on and saw many excited fans standing outside, seemingly still immersed in the movie.

They kept praising the movie while walking away.

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