My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1584

Chapter 1584 Another Wedding

The fans consumed every piece of information available, even though they were only scraps. Anything for Julian, they’d say. The couple flew back to Averna the next day. Jessie invited Eva to shop and have tea. Then, she and Queenie returned home to see their parents. Eventually, it was time for Eva’s wedding. The news of it was a bombshell for the industry as Eva was really famous while her husband was the boss of the industry’s leading company.

Yet, they didn’t invite too many people to their wedding. If they were to invite everyone they knew, they would need a venue that could house at least two thousand guests. Hence, they planned to hold a low-profile wedding. Eva didn’t mind. She never liked to brag about her life anyway.

The wedding happened one week later. Julian and Jessie were invited, of course, but only as guests. Eva had asked her best friend to be the bridesmaid. Louie looked dashing during the wedding, and Eva looked gorgeous in white. This was a wedding most people could only dream of—a picturesque wedding of a prince and a princess. Eva was the center of everyone’s attention, and Louie expressed all the love he had for her. It was true love.

Jessie and Julian were seated at the first table, their hands clasped together tightly under the table.

The ceremony kept going on until night descended. It was a sacred day that nobody would forget, and then everyone attended the wedding reception at night. Jessie had changed into a white silk dress which she specifically picked for the occasion. It made her gleam like a little fairy.

It was then all the guests realized the Gilmore brothers had both found the loves of their lives.

Eva’s wedding went viral. There weren’t many pictures of the event, but the few they had made a big ripple across the Net. Her fans loved how she looked, and they thought her husband was the perfect man for her.

Eventually, the wedding came to an end, and soon it was Christmas Eve. Louie and Eva had gone on their honeymoon abroad, so Julian was invited to the Silversteins’ place during Christmas. The Silverstein couple would love to marry Jessie off to him.

Julian noticed their warm welcome. It was very hard not to. Jessie wanted to spend more time with her parents at night, but her mother told her to spend it with Julian instead. She even told Jessie there would be no breakfast for her the next morning since they had places to go.

Jessie didn’t mind staying with Julian. In fact, she would gladly do it. Now that her mother was giving her an excuse to leave the house, she followed Julian back to his home.

Another important event of her life would take place the next night—her first movie premiere. The excitement kept her awake. She had also seen a lot of the movie’s promotional photos making their rounds online. It was then she realized she had been looking at Julian like he was her whole world. And Julian, unlike most of the time, was smiling as well.

That’s the power of love. Only when he was with someone whom he loved would Julian crack a smile. Jessie also noticed something else. When she first joined the set, she would only steal glances at Julian. Her love was budding, yet she had not the courage to say it out loud. She also noticed a few photos where Julian was getting jealous. Oh, I love these photos. They detail my memories with him. Our memories.

She fell asleep eventually, but she woke up a little later. Groggily, she picked her phone up to look at the time. Julian had woken up as well, and he hugged her. “It’s still early. Get back to sleep.”

“I can’t.” Oh my gosh, it’s already five-thirty in the morning. She was still yawning, but sleep wouldn’t claim her.

Julian got up as well, and they stared outside the window for a moment. The skies were still dark. He said, “I’ll take you around. It should freshen us up, then let’s have breakfast.”

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