My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1583

Chapter 1583 Rumors

“Hey, why are you watching them? Look at me. I’m better than them.” The jealous Julian pulled his shirt up, showing off his abs to Jessie. Her cheeks burned, and Julian covered her head with his clothes, pushing her closer to his chest.

Jessie giggled as she rubbed her cheeks against his chest, causing Julian’s flames of desire to flare up. He was going to let her off the hook that night, but he couldn’t do that now. Not after she kept replaying that video. If I don’t give her what she wants, she might keep searching for similar videos.

“You don’t seem tired at all. Why don’t we take this to the bed and have a little dance?” “Oh, you can dance? I want to see,” said Jessie happily.

Of course, I know how to dance. I was the dance champion during the first year of my career. He gave up dancing after he started acting full-time. He could still dance, however. “You should get to know more about me,” he said in a grating voice before pressing his lips against hers.

Jessie’s heart exploded with delight. Her heart would always flutter every time she saw his pictures and compilation videos that were made by his fans. And now I’m his girlfriend. This is bliss. She was really proud of herself. Her boyfriend was the man of every girl’s dream, but now he was hers and hers alone.

It was a passionate night, but Jessie paid the price for it the next day. Getting out of bed was too much for her after all that action, so her schedule was delayed.

Lisa, who was filming in a set near Julian and Jessie, had caught wind of the rumors. Everyone said that they were dating and shared a room every night. She was disappointed, and she knew Jessie was now on the list of people she should never offend. At first, she thought she had a chance with Julian, but her hopes were dashed. In fact, all the female celebrities’ hopes were dashed.

Time flew, and it was close to wrapping up the shoot. Whenever Jessie had time, she would videocall her sister and parents. November came, and with it, the chilly winds of fall. Finally, the shooting came to an end. It was a wrap.

On the final day of shooting, Julian walked up to her with a bouquet in his hands. There were people around them, but he didn’t care. He hugged Jessie and kissed her forehead. Jessie was the only person he had eyes for. Nobody else was worth his time. Everyone envied the couple, especially the ladies. Once upon a time, Julian belonged to everyone, but now he was Jessie’s.

At the same time, one piece of good news reached Julian. Louie was already preparing for his wedding. Pretty soon, we’ll get to attend their wedding.

Jessie celebrated her final night on set with a big feast. Everyone was invited. Lexie even found a boyfriend among the crew members. He was a part of the camera crew, and they had fallen in love.

All Jessie wanted was to take a break. The filming had been hectic, and rest was a luxury.

On the night before their return to Averna, snow fell. It was a beautiful scene, and Jessie found herself in the fields outside the hotel. Beside her stood Julian, who was taking pictures of the snow together with her. Then, she posted a photo of their backs on her social media. Her caption read, ‘Here’s to many more years of you by my side’.

Jessie would love to make her relationship public, but the time was not right. To her surprise, Julian was the first one to like her post. That honor used to belong to Lexie. When Jessie checked her post later in the night, there were already more than thirty thousand comments underneath all because of Julian’s like. His fans kept a close eye on his day-to-day activities, and his liking of Jessie’s post led them here. Everyone was speculating about who his girlfriend was. Rumors said he was dating the female lead of his new show, but there was no evidence yet.

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