My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1582

Chapter 1582 Normal Life

“Yeah. Louie’s at that age. He should be raising a family by now.” Julian smiled. He wanted Louie to get married soon. “I’ll try to hold the wedding before Christmas,” Louie said swiftly. None of them talked about the Constantines as it would just ruin the mood.

Julian and Jessie took Gilmore Corporation’s private jet the next day and flew to their film set. They didn’t have time to fool around at work as they had to shoot some crucial scenes. Only about a month was left until the shoot was supposed to wrap up. All the crew members realized that Julian and Jessie’s chemistry got a lot better, especially during the romantic scenes. The look in their eyes told a thousand stories. That was how everyone knew that Julian and Jessie were dating in real life.

Jessie messed up a few takes of a scene where she needed to cry while hugging Julian. She thought that it was impossible because every time she hugged him, all she wanted to do was smile. Only delight filled her heart when she was with him, so how could she cry?

“Jessie, just imagine something really bad. Like maybe Julian was stolen by another woman?” Vincent suggested. Jessie shot Julian a look. What? So, you’re going to let another woman come near you?

Julian sighed in silence. Vincent, just shut up and do your work. You’re going to ruin my relationship at this rate. Oh, whoops. Vincent quickly smiled. “That won’t happen in real life, don’t worry. Just a little hypothetical. Calm down, Jessie.”

“I need some onions.” Jessie had no choice left. Her assistant got her an onion, and she chopped it a little. That worked well and she started crying. “Alright, now!”

Jessie darted back to Julian and rested her head on his shoulders. She was crying uncontrollably on camera. It was a good take, but Jessie was still crying even after the scene. No matter how hard she rubbed her eyes, they still felt tingly. Well, guess I have to take her to the waiting room and give her all my love, Julian thought.

When the couple emerged from the waiting room, Jessie’s eyes were still a little red, but so were her lips. The shooting went by really fast, and everyone had fun, especially the couple. One week went by before anyone realized it. Jessie was particularly sore after the shooting session today as she had to wear the stunt wire for the whole day. Julian was worried for her. He rubbed some soothing salve all over her after they returned to the hotel and tried to convince her to use a stunt double.

Jessie didn’t mind him rubbing the salve all over her, but she wasn’t about to use a stunt double. When Julian was done rubbing the salve on her, Jessie turned around and was met with a gaze of desire. “You’ve been working through the night for two days straight. You should get some rest, you know.” Jessie pulled her clothes down just in case the sight of her skin stoked his flames of desire.

Julian narrowed his eyes. “What? You think I can’t go on?”

Oh god. You and your ego. So cute. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her head in his chest. “I know you can still go on. I just don’t want to tire you out.”

Julian let her off the hook. It wasn’t because his stamina was running low, but because she had to rest after the day she had. And so, the couple scrolled through their phones. He played a few matches to wind down while Jessie was scrolling through some shorts. That was when she noticed a few guys doing some sexy dance moves. She kept replaying that short, and that attracted Julian’s attention. He took a quick look and noticed the video she was watching. She’s watching a video of other guys while she has me by her side? He had no idea what to feel.

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