My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581 Closure

“What did you say?” “Silence. Mr. Gilmore raised a crucial question. The one who wanted Miss Duncan’s face slashed was none other than Lucy Constantine. She envies Miss Duncan’s looks, and so she hired Zack to slash her face.”

The Constantines couldn’t believe this. Cornelius gnashed his teeth. “Impossible. My daughter couldn’t have done that.” “My daughter was as beautiful as this woman. She couldn’t have done this.”

The cops played a few more videos. They were voice recordings of what happened in the cars. The first one was the recording of the call Zack made while the second one was the recording of what happened in Lucy’s car. They had argued about the sum of money that should be paid.

The Constantines cried the moment they heard their daughter’s voice, and they could see why the cops came to the earlier conclusion.

“And so, Zack went to meet Lucy. She refused to pay him in full, so he took her life and escaped with all the money. Do you need further clarification, Mr. and Mrs. Constantine?”

“So, I can sue them for damages then?” Eva asked coldly. The cops nodded. “You can.” “Very well. Mrs. Constantine, I shall sue your family for what your daughter did to me.”

“Have a heart, will you? We just lost our daughter, and you wish to sue us?” Fiona started playing the victim. But Eva refused to spare them any sympathy. She icily said, “I’ll go through due process.” She pulled Louie up. “Let’s go, Louie.”

“Y-You’re not leaving!” Fiona shouted. “Louie, you promised us that plot of land, remember? Don’t forget to give it to us.” Cornelius stood up at once. Even in the face of his daughter’s death, all he cared about was profit.

Louie turned around and stared at the Constantines. “We’re over, Constantines.” “Louie, how could you? My daughter may be gone, but you can’t cut us off. We helped your family out when you needed it most.”

“And you’ve been reaping the rewards all these years. I gave you everything you asked for. The favor is repaid.” Louie held Eva’s hand and left.

Not only did the Constantines lose their daughter, but they also lost the plot of land they were supposed to get. Yet, they couldn’t do anything about it.

Eva felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders the moment they emerged from the police station. She rested her head on Louie’s shoulder and took a deep breath. Smells like fall now. “We can finally be together.”

Louie held her shoulders. He was still shuddering from the near tragedy that could’ve happened. “Thank god you’re fine.”

“Will we still be together if my face really got slashed?”

“Of course. If your face was slashed, I’d scour the world for the best doctors for you. We would face it together.”

Eva smiled. Thank god I’m fine. I’d probably die if my face was slashed. The case was cracked, and the arranged marriage was no more. Eva had a bit of a scare, but in return, she could finally be with the love of her life without worries.

Three days later, Eva’s manager sued the Constantines for damages and demanded payment of nearly two hundred grand. The Constantines lamented their fate, but they had to pay the price or they would be imprisoned.

Louie, Eva, Julian, and Jessie had dinner at a fine dining restaurant. It was a happy dinner. Eva’s forehead was covered in a layer of bandage which she hid under a hat, but she looked a lot better now. Her skin was glowing, and she had a great appetite.

“I can’t wait to attend your wedding, Eva,” Jessie said.

Previously, Eva would sigh every time her wedding was mentioned, but now, she answered happily, “We’ll hold one as soon as possible.”

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