My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1580

Chapter 1580 The Apple and the Tree

The cops asked Eva about her meeting with Lucy, and she answered honestly. In another room, the Constantines were told of the investigation’s results and another piece of good news. Lucy’s killer—Zack Lore—had been arrested and would arrive at the police station soon.

“Officer, Louie is right there. Why aren’t you arresting him?” Fiona demanded. “According to our investigations, Mr. Gilmore is innocent. He has nothing to do with this case.”

“What? But he hired this Zack character! You’re letting him off the hook just because he’s rich? Did he bribe all of you?” Fiona refused to believe this. “Calm down, Mrs. Constantine.”

“Calm down? Calm down? How can I calm down when that killer and his b*tch are still alive? My daughter died! She was only twenty-seven. And she wasn’t even married yet!” Fiona started bawling like a baby.

The cops had gotten news of Zack’s arrival, and they swiftly went into interrogation mode with him. Scared out of his wits, Zack confessed all of his crimes. Not even one detail was spared. After comparing evidence and fingerprints, Zack was identified as the murderer and Lucy as the mastermind.

Louie and Eva were about to leave, but a cop stopped them. “Mr. Gilmore, Miss Duncan, we need you at the conference hall.”

“Did something happen?” Louie asked. “It’s about Miss Duncan’s accident. We’ve cracked the case.” The Constantines had just entered the conference hall when Eva and Louie came in. The sight of those two made Cornelius and Fiona’s blood boil.

“Silence. You are summoned because these cases are more closely related than you think. We’ll be explaining the whole thing to you now.”

“Officers, it’s them! They killed my daughter! You need to arrest them!” Fiona pointed at Eva and Louie.

“Calm down, Mrs. Constantine.” The cop then played some videos. The first one showed Lucy withdrawing her money at the bank. All the cash was tucked away into a big sack, and she left with it. “Your daughter withdrew a large sum of money five days ago. Two hundred and twenty grand, to be exact.”

“She must have had some use for it,” Fiona quickly explained, though she didn’t know why Lucy needed that money.

The next video showed Eva in the underground car park. After she was gone, an off-road vehicle followed her closely. Twenty minutes later, they came to a quieter road, and Eva’s car was sent flying away. Zack was seen getting out of the car and approaching Eva’s car, but the firemen showed up. Eva was then taken to the hospital. “That car crash was a job request—to crash into Eva’s car and slash her face up. Zack took it, but before he could finish his job, the firemen showed up.”

“Who did this? Who hired him?” Louie wanted to know who the mastermind was. His fists were balled up. If it weren’t for the firemen, Eva would have been ruined. This is my fault. I didn’t think Lucy had the capability for evil at this level. She tried to ruin Eva’s life.

Eva couldn’t believe this car crash was an attempt on her future. She had thought it was a regular accident.

The Constantines exchanged a look, and Fiona sneered. “It could be anyone. I bet tons of people would love to destroy her. Look at her. She’s a little b*tch who knows no shame.”

Eva looked at Fiona. Oh, so that’s how it is. She mocked, “I see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Oh, sorry. Didn’t fall far from the tree.”

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