My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1579

Chapter 1579 Confrontation

“They suspect that you’re the murderer? What did the cops say?” Eva held his hands. She wanted to hear the truth. “They did interrogate me. Lucy’s death is bizarre, but I didn’t do it.”

“Did the Constantines call you?” “No. They think I murdered her. I see they don’t trust me at all. From now on, I’m not helping them anymore.” Louie’s face fell.

“Now we have to look into Eva’s car crash. There’s something more about it. Something sinister,” Jessie said. “Yeah. Lucy died right after Eva got into the car crash. That can’t be a coincidence.” Sera made an offhand comment.

However, that gave Louie an idea. Wait. Eva’s car crash could be something Lucy orchestrated. Later that day, Louie asked Julian and Jessie to go home first. Sera went home as well while Eva was told to stay in the hospital for three days for now.

The cops worked through the night on the case. Eventually, they noticed one similarity between Lucy and Eva: both ladies loved the same man. That was the clue they needed to find the truth. Some arduous investigation later, they finally made some headway. Lucy had withdrawn a huge sum of money. Right after that, Eva’s car was tailed, and the criminal crashed into her, causing an accident. Subsequently, the criminal called Lucy and murdered her over the cash.

Louie stayed by Eva’s side during her stay at the hospital. She had nightmares every night due to her head injury. The medication didn’t help much. Fortunately, every time she woke up, she would see Louie by her side, and it made her feel safe.

The Constantines lost sleep over this case as well. They were awaiting the investigation results. Losing their daughter impacted their lives heavily. Their child was gone before they were. “I know it’s him. He killed our girl!” Fiona roared.

“Let’s see what the cops say. If he is the murderer, we’ll see to it that he faces judgment.” “My poor girl. We can’t let her murderer go unpunished, no. Blood will have blood.”

Three days had gone by after the accident and murder. At 9.30AM on the fourth day, the cops called the Constantines, asking them to make a trip to the police station. At the same time, Eva received a call as well. After confirming she was fine, the cops asked her to make a trip to the police station to record her testimonial.

Louie gave her a ride to the police station. The moment they got out of the car, they ran into the Constantines.

Agitated, Fiona came to berate Eva. “You witch! You got our daughter killed! You give me my girl back, you little b*tch!” “Watch. Your. Tongue. Mrs. Constantine,” Louie hissed.

“You. You did this to my daughter! You killed her because you wanted to marry this little b*tch, didn’t you? We’ll make you pay for it!” Fiona growled, her eyes tearful.

“Don’t talk to him, honey. He’ll pay for what he did. If I had known he was an ingrate, I wouldn’t have helped his parents.”

“Mr. Constantine, I swear I didn’t do this,” Louie answered seriously for old times’ sake and for the help they gave his parents back then.

“You’re denying it? I’m sure this woman has convinced you to kill our daughter. You thought Lucy got in your way of finding love, didn’t you? How could you be so evil and kill her just to avoid marrying her?”

After thinking about the matter for an entire night, Louie had figured out the whole case. No. Lucy brought this on herself. Karma bit her in the *ss faster than she could imagine. “If you want answers, ask your daughter what she did. Oh, no, you can’t. She’s dead.” Louie then led Eva into the police station.

The cops talked to both parties. Eva entered the interrogation room for the recording of her testimonial while Louie stood guard outside the room. Sera arrived a while later.

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