My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1578

Chapter 1578 Woken Up

“No.” “We went through your daughter’s call history. The last two calls she made were directed to this person. His name is Zack Lore. He’s a drifter and an ex-convict.”

“My daughter would never get involved with someone like him.” The cops recorded his testimonial and told the Constantines to go home and wait for the news.

Julian and Jessie came to the hospital right after they received Louie’s call. They too were worried about Eva, who was still unconscious and pale as a ghost. Tears welled up in Jessie’s eyes.

“Did you find out who did this?” Julian was furious. Louie went through a lot for this relationship. Just when he finally got to date Eva, she got into this accident.

“The cops are still investigating. Their suspect is a masked man,” Sera answered. Just then, Louie’s phone rang. He quickly picked it up. “Who’s this?”

“Louie Gilmore? We’re the cops. We suspect that you’re involved in a murder and will need you to come to the police station in thirty minutes.”

“Is this about Lucy Constantine?”


“I’ll be there right away.” I expected this. The Constantines do have reason to suspect me. “Julian, you and Jessie stay here. Call me when Eva wakes up. I need to deal with something.”

“Is Lucy really dead?” Julian asked, worried. And the Constantines think Louie did it?

“I need to be at the police station.” Louie nodded.

Louie was in an interrogation room. Unlike most people, he was calm and collected.

“Mr. Gilmore, we’re looking into the case of Lucy Constantine’s murder. Her family said there’s a conflict of interest between you and them. Did you murder her?”

“No. I’ve never gotten that idea.”

“Sources told us you refuse to go through with the arranged marriage because you have a girlfriend. Is your girlfriend Eva Duncan?”

“Yes,” Louie answered all the questions honestly, though it didn’t help his case. He still was the prime suspect, and he was prohibited from traveling abroad.

Eva was starting to stir, at long last. She opened her eyes only for the light overhead to blind her, causing her to groan. “Where am I?”

“The hospital, Eva. You got into a car crash, remember?” Jessie said softly.

Eva closed her eyes. The memory of that car crash still made her head split. She had to hold Jessie’s hand just to overcome her fear of that accident. When she opened her eyes again, she saw everyone who was in the ward. But he wasn’t there. “Why isn’t he here?” She was a little disappointed.

“Eva, Mr. Gilmore watched over you the whole afternoon. He has something urgent to settle, but he’ll be back soon.”

“What’s the business?”

“Lucy Constantine’s murder,” Sera answered.

“What?” Eva almost sat up from the shock. “She’s dead? Who killed her?” Eva felt as if her head just exploded.

“The cops are still looking into it. Mr. Gilmore is having his testimonial recorded, but we know he’s innocent. Don’t worry,” Sera answered honestly. Eva was someone who’d rather hear the hurtful truth than be lied to.

Eva looked at Julian. Julian said, “Don’t worry. I know Louie. He wouldn’t risk his future for this, not when he’s planning on spending his whole life with you.”

Eva clutched her chest, and Sera asked the doctor to check on her. The doctor immediately obliged. “Nothing too serious, but we need to observe her to see if the concussion has any lasting impact.”

A short while later, Louie strode into the ward. To his delight, he found Eva already awake. “Oh, you’re awake!”

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