My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1577

Chapter 1577 Fury

Meanwhile, fury and sorrow enveloped the Constantines. They were helping the cops out with the case. “Officer, you must arrest the murderer. My daughter deserves justice.”

“I know. We’re looking into it as best as we can.” Besides the death of Lucy, Cornelius was also worried about something else. The terms of the arranged marriage clearly stated it would be void should either party were to pass away.

Sera was also helping with the investigation of Eva’s car crash. She was going through the footage of the accident. Eva was driving carefully in the footage and did not break any traffic laws, but then a black off-road vehicle sped up and crashed into her car. Eva’s car spun two times before it came to a halt. The mere sight of it almost made Sera’s heart stop. Why did he do that? He could have killed Eva. What did Eva ever do to him?

“We’re looking into Eva’s network, and we need your help. Do you know this man?”

The man was dressed in black and wearing a mask. All Sera managed to see were his eyes and nothing else. She took a closer look and shook her head. “I have never seen him before, and Eva won’t even get near anyone shady. She tries to live a quiet life, and I’m the one handling the business side of things.”

“Does she have a boyfriend?”

“Yes. Our boss, Mr. Louie Gilmore. He loves her deeply.”

“I see. We’ll need his testimonial as well.”

“Alright. I’ll tell him about it. He’ll be here as soon as possible.”

Another officer came in. He told the questioning officer, “Lucy’s death has something to do with this guy as well.”

“Lucy? As in Lucy Constantine? What happened to her?” Sera asked out of curiosity. She and Eva talked about Lucy once, and she wanted to know what happened.

“Lucy Constantine was murdered earlier. Three in the afternoon.”

“What? That’s… That’s unbelievable!” Sera was shocked. Lucy is Mr. Gilmore’s fiancée, but now she’s dead?

Sera hurried to the hospital right after she left the police station. Eva was still unconscious. Sera told Louie he had to make the police station trip the next day, and she also told him about Lucy’s death.

A frown creased Louie’s forehead. “Are you sure it’s her?”

“The cops told me it’s her. I don’t think they were lying. Didn’t anyone tell you, sir?”

“The Constantines haven’t, no.” Louie shook his head. Why haven’t they told me anything? Are they suspecting something? And why did Lucy die all of a sudden?

“They say she was murdered,” Sera spoke with fear in her voice. “Did someone take their revenge on her?”

“I’m not sure. I’ll have to wait for the Constantines to contact me.” Louie wouldn’t look into this himself.

Cornelius was having his testimonial taken at the police station. The cop asked, “Did Miss Constantine contact anyone lately? Has your family been at odds with anyone lately?”

That reminded Cornelius of a certain person, and fury welled up within him. “Yes. He’s my daughter’s fiancé. It’s an arranged marriage, but he refuses to go through with it because he fell for another woman. I think he’s the one who murdered my daughter.”

“What’s his name? And his job?”

“Louie Gilmore, the president of Stardom. I’ve signed a contract with his parents regarding the arranged marriage, where the terms state that should he not go through with the marriage, he must give twenty percent of his company’s shares to me. It’s a huge sum of money. I have reason to believe he killed my daughter.” Even Cornelius talked himself into believing this line of reasoning. Louie’s powerful enough. He can do anything for that woman.

“I see. We shall be interrogating him.” The cop held a photo up. “Do you know this person, then?”

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