My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1576

Chapter 1576 Tragedy

“I am a cop, Cornelius. This is not a joke. I need you to come here right now.” Not too long after the cops called the Constantines, the ambulance arrived. There was no need for the doctors to do anything, however. Lucy’s artery had been cut and she had bled to death.

At the same time, another lady was also in the ER—Eva. Eva’s parents had divorced. Her father died while her mother remarried a foreigner, hence the cops called her manager to let her know what was going on. Sera was in disbelief, but then she called Louie. Louie set aside all his work immediately and sped to the hospital.

Louie tried to barge into the emergency room, but a nurse stopped him. “Sir, the patient is still under medical attention. Please, wait outside. Do not disturb the doctors.”

Louie’s heart sank. She was fine this morning. What happened? Why is she hurt? “What happened? Why did she go out all by herself? Did you find the perpetrator?”

Sera was worried as well. She shook her head. “I came as soon as I got the cops’ call. I haven’t had time to ask about the details of the accident.”

That had to wait as nothing was more important than Eva.

At the same time, another tragedy was unfolding. The Constantines rushed all the way to the crime scene. They couldn’t believe their daughter was dead, but when they saw their daughter’s corpse lying on the street, both of them almost passed out. However, what they couldn’t accept even more was why Lucy died.

“We looked into her transaction record. She withdrew a huge sum of money a couple of days ago. We suspect that this is linked to her death.”

“You have to find the murderer. I don’t care how much it costs. Give her the justice she deserves,” Cornelius said tearfully. It’s a shame. She could have gotten married to Louie and helped the family immensely, but now she’s dead. The marriage is annulled. It was a double whammy for the Constantines.

Fiona was on her knees, crying her heart out. “My girl! Why… Why did you leave us?” She almost passed out.

Eva was nearly dead when she was sent to the hospital. Fortunately, the doctors worked their best, and her heart was finally beating as normal. A sliver of color had returned to her otherwise pallid face.

The operation was a success. The moment the doctors emerged from the emergency room, someone hurried up to them. “How did it go, doctor?”

“The operation is a success. She’s stable, but we’ll have to keep her under observation in the ward.”

Louie heaved a sigh of relief as he felt a weight lifted off his shoulder. Eva was everything to him. It would be devastating if the woman he had loved for so long were to die. Thank god she’s still alive.

A while later, someone pushed Eva out of the emergency room. Her forehead was covered in layers of bandages, and she was wearing blue hospital scrubs. Louie thought she looked fragile; it was as if she could break into a thousand pieces at any moment. It made his heart ache. He followed the nurse to the ward, then he carried her and placed her on the bed himself. He let the nurses set up the IV infusion and machines before he approached her.

Louie held her hand softly, and he kissed her palm. Sera was shedding tears. She said, “I’ll leave her to you, sir. This accident requires my attention. Something tells me there’s more to it than it seems.”

“Go.” Louie nodded.

Sera left. All that could be heard in the ward were the beeps of the machines. In the silence, tears welled up in Louie’s eyes. He wished it was him, not Eva who had to endure this.

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