My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1575

Chapter 1575 Extortion

Eva’s car flipped over and rolled twice before coming to a stop. She was hanging from her seat, unconscious. Her hair tumbled down to the car’s base while blood trickled down her forehead that was slammed into the steering wheel.

The man hopped out of his car and approached Eva, a knife in his hand. He hadn’t been ordered to kill Eva. Instead, he was told to knock her out and slash her face. Indeed, he had received orders to disfigure her.

Eva had no idea danger was closing in and that her beauty was in jeopardy. Fortunately, her guardian angels were looking out for her. A firetruck zipped by just in time. They had just returned from a firefighting mission and ran into this unfortunate event.

A few firemen hopped off the truck, and the criminal tucked his knife away. He then put on a look of worry. “Quick, save her!”

The bonnet of Eva’s car had oil leaking through it, and smoke billowed in the air. First, the firemen rescued Eva from the car, then they put out the smoke. Eva was then taken to the nearest hospital.

At the same time, the criminal returned to his car and made a call. “I failed. I could’ve done it, but some firemen showed up. She escaped with nothing but a wound on her forehead.”

“What? I specifically told you to cut her face up. A forehead wound won’t do anything!”

“I couldn’t do anything. There were firemen around. I’m in trouble now. I need to settle it, so pay up.”

“Fine, but only a third of the money. We agreed to that, remember? Full sum only on job completion.”

“What? I almost killed someone because of you!”

“I have the cash ready. Come and take it,” Lucy hissed. She wouldn’t pay full price unless the job was completed.

The criminal sped off to meet Lucy. At the same time, Eva was in the hospital for treatment.

Half an hour later, the man came to the meeting spot where a red sports car stood. Before he got out of the car, he whipped out a knife and hid it behind his back.

Lucy had just arrived not too long ago. She had the full sum in cash, but now she had to split it into three parts. Lucy opened up her trunk, and the sight of cash caused the criminal to be crazy. Stupidly enough, Lucy said, “You’re only getting a third of this.” She then proceeded to take the money.

However, the man held a knife against her throat. “I want all of it.”

“No way.” Lucy needed money as well. She had gone to lengths just to withdraw all the money she had for this sabotage. He failed, yet he expects to get all the money from me? She wouldn’t agree to it, obviously, but she did another stupid thing. She fought back. Lucy kicked the man, and it made him snap. His greed took over, and he slit her neck open.

Blood spurted from her wound, and Lucy fell to the ground. The man promptly took all the money and hurried back to his car. I have to get out of here. Then he escaped.

A couple was just walking by. The girl was holding her boyfriend’s arm, and when she noticed Lucy, she screamed.

It made her boyfriend jolt. When he saw Lucy lying in a pool of blood, he too lost his cool, but he quickly whipped out his phone and, with trembling hands, called 911. The cops arrived first. It didn’t take long for them to identify who the victim was. Her ID and driver’s license were in her bag, after all.

Lucy’s father got a call soon enough, and it was the bearer of bad news. His daughter had died. “What? Who are you? Are you trying to make me angry? Because you’re doing a great job right now. My daughter’s fine.”

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