My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1573

Chapter 1573 Sexy Pajamas

“Holler at me if you need anything.” A smile curled Julian’s lips, and he left. I am not going to holler at you. Jessie opened her suitcase, and the first thing she saw was the sets of pajamas Lexie had prepared for her. One was pink, while the other was purple, and both were almost transparent. She held them up, thinking, Can you even call these pajamas? Wonder where she got these. Jessie wanted to take a shower, but she couldn’t find her normal pajamas.

“Lexie!” Jessie gasped. “Why did you take my normal pajamas away? What are you doing?” Oh my god. Are these the only PJs I have now? Man, I might have to hire another assistant. Darn you, Lexie. I bet she’s laughing her socks off right now.

Jessie wanted to scream, but she had no choice. In the end, she picked the purple lace pajamas. At least it looked slightly more modest compared to the pink one. She finished showering and came out wearing the purple silk nightdress. She felt shy, but she thought the night dress showed off her curves perfectly. Good thing I’m alone here. It’d be embarrassing if someone else were here.

Hm, it’s really quiet, though. Something’s missing. Oh, right. My phone. She was used to the sounds of text notifications coming from her phone, but that was missing right now. It was then she realized her phone was in the living room. Should I go out right now? I’m in a nightdress. I wonder if Julian’s in his room.

Jessie was having an internal struggle. Hm, but it’s already late. He must be in his room by now. She opened the door slightly to take a look, but before she could even look around, she saw Julian standing before her door. He was wearing a black silk robe, and in his hand was her bag. Apparently, he was planning on giving her bag back. Jessie took a deep breath, wondering which part of her she should cover.

Julian was staring in earnest as well. Oh, that’s a nice night dress. Just what I like.

In the end, she thought she should cover her chest, so she put an arm over her breasts. Shyly, she said, “Can I have my bag?”

Julian handed the bag over to her. “Here you go.”

Jessie kept her eyes on the bag, ready to dart out of her room to take it and dart back in right away, but just as she grabbed the bag, Julian tugged on it and pulled her into his embrace. Oh gosh. I fell for it. However, she didn’t mind. She was fine with getting tricked as long as the trickster was Julian. She closed her eyes, leaning on his chest. “So naughty,” she whispered.

Julian placed the bag on her chest and carried her in his arms. “The main bedroom is big enough for the two of us. You can sleep there.”

“S-Sure,” Jessie stammered. She was willing to share a room with him. After all, he was her lover, and lovers were supposed to share the same bed.

Besides, Queenie’s going to be a mother soon, and I’m going to be twenty-five in November. I should start thinking about raising a family now. Moreover, my boyfriend is the man of my dreams, she told herself. Jessie caught a whiff of his scent and prepared herself. Anything that happens tonight, happens. She finally accepted her fate and leaned cozily in his embrace.

Julian put her down on the bed gently, and a smile tugged at his lips. “Sleep.”

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