My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1572

Chapter 1572 A Tour Around His House

That fact was not lost on the Gilmore brothers, either. They took great care of the ladies throughout dinner. And then, they parted ways at 8.30PM. Jessie followed Julian home, and Lexie had already made sure Jessie’s suitcase was sent to the house. Before she left, Lexie inched closer to Jessie’s ear and whispered, “Hey, Jessie, I got you two sets of pajamas. Make sure to use them tonight.”

Wait, what? Jessie was confused for a second before she was reminded of the days she spent with Lexie. Lexie’s kind of a perv, too. But I’m not! I might be able to talk dirty, but I’m not one for actions!

Jessie had seen Julian’s house once. She thought his house’s decor was simple, stylish, and manly. She loved it. The simplicity caught her attention, and the French window was set at the one place where they could see the best of Averna.

While she was enjoying the view, Julian handed her a glass of water. “Here, have a glass of water.” She took it and asked sheepishly, “So, where am I going to sleep tonight?”

“I have one master bedroom and five guest rooms. Make your pick,” he said. She pursed her lips as she mused over her choice, but then he smirked. “The master bedroom is on the list as well, you know.”

His comment made her blush. “I’m not going to sleep in the same room as you.” “Make your pick, then,” said Julian.

Jessie then went around his house. It was a duplex measuring about a thousand square meters. She went upstairs and looked outside the French window. The view is so beautiful here. She looked around the bedrooms and kept walking down until she came to a bedroom decked out with a suite and a mini living space. Curious, she entered the room and had a look. And then, she entered the closet room. Glass cabinets stood inside, which held nothing but men’s suits. Also, she saw a watch inside. “This can’t be the master bedroom, can it?” She blinked. Someone opened the door, and it made her leap with a start.

Julian was holding his jacket. He noticed her in his bedroom, and he chuckled. “So, you’ve made your choice, I see.”

“This is your bedroom?” Jessie felt a bit awkward. His house is big. Too big.

“Yes.” He nodded in affirmative.

Sheepishly, she said, “No, I was just looking around. Not going to take your room.” She didn’t leave right away, though. She went around for another look. The room was painted gray, and the French window in his room almost showed the full scenery of Averna. Our taste in aesthetics matches. “Gosh, you have a beautiful house,” she praised.

“You can stay for a bit if you want,” he purred.

Jessie would love that. “Really?” She turned around to look at him.

“Yeah. We don’t have to go back to work right away. Stay around and have fun.” A smile tugged at his lips. If this were a cartoon show, the shadow of Julian would have a tail slowly swaying behind him. He looked like a wolf trying to trick Little Red Riding Hood into getting eaten.

“Sure.” She wanted to stay at his home as well. It’d be a blast. She kept looking around his house, and Julian followed. Eventually, she came to the cinema room. God, I must watch a movie here. Anticipation filled her heart as she made a mental note to herself. A tour around the house showed her a gym room, a kitchen on the second floor, and there was even a bar counter.

Finally, Jessie picked the bedroom closest to Julian’s, and Julian came back with her suitcase. When she realized it was already 11.00PM, she said, “You must be tired. Get some rest.”

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