My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1571

Chapter 1571 Scheme

However, she wouldn’t agree to it. Lucy couldn’t care less about that plot of land, not when her marriage was at stake. She would never let her father agree to the deal, and Louie was someone who cared for nothing but profit, or so she thought. I know him. Everything he does, he does for profit. He only likes Eva for her looks. If she loses that, he won’t stay with her anymore.

When it comes to that, he’ll never let go of his shares for a woman who has lost the only trait he likes. Maybe he’ll agree to the marriage then, and I can finally be his wife, staying with him forever. I might get to enjoy all the perks of marrying him. She looked at his photo once more, the sight of it stoking the flames of desire within her. Just a look at his photo was enough to make her shiver. “I won’t let anyone else take you,” she muttered.

Most of the guests were already leaving the day after the wedding. The Presgraves were among them. It had been four days since they came to the island, and Jared had school to attend.

Nigel and Queenie sent them off after breakfast. Before they parted ways, Anastasia told Queenie to call if she needed anything. Anastasia was a mother of two. She knew how to handle most problems that would arise during pregnancy.

“Of course, Anastasia,” Queenie said gently. “We’re a family now. You and Nigel should come and visit us when you have time.”

Nigel was playing with Willow. The girl even kissed him, much to his delight. “Oh, we’ll visit you a lot,” he said. He then looked at Jared. “Woah, Jared’s tall now. Bet he’ll be six feet tall in a few years. Time flies, huh?”

Jared held Nigel’s hand and looked at him with anticipation in his eyes. “Can I have your gaming system, Uncle Nigel?”

“You won’t give up until I say yes, huh? Fine, you can take it.” Nigel’s focus was on his wife now. He lost interest in games, so Jared could have his gaming gear.

Anastasia said, “It’s fine to play games, but remember not to neglect your studies, Jared.”

Elliot didn’t mind Jared playing games. He was confident his boy had enough discipline to control himself. And this is good for discipline training.

“Don’t worry, Mom. Two hours on the weekend. That’s all.”

The newlyweds saw them off and returned to their villa. They were going to stay for a few more days. It was a nice place. Fresh air and a quiet environment. It was a perfect place for a pregnant woman.

Eventually, Julian and Jessie had to leave as well. They, too, had work to do. After saying their goodbyes, they hopped onto the helicopter and enjoyed the sea view as the chopper flew across the air.

It was 3.00PM when they returned to Averna. Julian asked Louie and Eva out for dinner, and Jessie went with him. Her parents were still on the island, so she had the freedom to do whatever she wanted.

“Why don’t you stay at my place tonight?” Julian suggested.

She nodded. “If you want me to, then sure.”

“Of course, I want you.” He chuckled. “I’d love for you to stay.”

“Not up to anything cheeky, I hope.” She could see right through him.

“Nope,” he denied. Not like you can do anything about it once we get home.

Jessie shrugged it off. Eva had called her, inviting her over for dinner. The Gilmore brothers met up at 6.00PM, bringing their partners along. This meeting was a cheery one, and the ladies became good friends. It was only a matter of time before they became family.

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