My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1570

Chapter 1570 Negotiation

“That’s not the only reason. You took an ice-cold shower, too, didn’t you?” Jessie smirked. “I’m not a kid, you know. I’m an adult now. I know a lot of stuff.”

Julian kept quiet for a few moments before he broke into a smile. “So, you know everything, I take it?” She cocked her eyebrow. “Of course.”

Without shame, he asked, “So, tell me, why did I take the cold shower?” Her cheeks lit up when she heard his question. She bit her lip and hung her head low sheepishly. “You can’t expect me to go into detail.”

“If you’re not saying, then we might need to be a bit more… hands-on with our approach.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

If there were a hole somewhere, Jessie would have buried herself in it. I can’t believe they call this guy innocent. His fans think he’s an honest-to-goodness saint and that he’s not interested in anything lewd. If only they could see the current him. If she had the chance, she would tell the fans they got it all wrong. He’s a perv, through and through. And he even knows how to talk dirty. “Perv.” She clicked her tongue, but in all honesty, she loved this.

Julian’s fans would have killed to have a chance to date him, yet all Julian cared about was Jessie. All he wanted to do was flirt with her, make out with her, and eventually gobble her all up like she was a nice little meal.

He stopped teasing her after that, and she asked him to take some pictures. This was the couple’s privilege. He would do anything to take the best pictures of her. A few hundred photos later, Jessie found herself going through each and every one of the photos, smiling at the sight of them. And then, it was her turn to take his photos. He was handsome, and the shadows hung over his eyes, making his eyelashes look longer than usual. He’s so hot.

It was already 2.00AM when they came back. A drizzle fell, covering the island in a layer of humidity. They got into a car and headed to her villa.

Since Jessie was staying with her parents, she couldn’t make out with Julian too much, and she went to her room soon after. Still, it was a memorable night. Many years down the road, she would remember this night, and it would make her smile.

Back in Averna, Eva fell asleep in Louie’s arms. Louie was still awake, and his eyes trained on her. He refused to shift his gaze, for she was his whole world. Wonder whom our first child will take after. But I bet they’ll be cute. A smile curled his lips, and he pecked her cheek before he finally fell asleep.

The couples were fast asleep, but there was someone who was still wide awake. The lights in Lucy’s room were still on. She was on her couch, holding a magazine and staring at the photo of a certain man. It was one of the rare shots anyone had of Louie. In that photo, he was sitting on a regal couch with his legs crossed. He gleamed like the most beautiful diamond in the world, and his eyes shone like obsidian. Behind those eyes resided the wisdom of Solomon.

She was addicted to him as a junkie would toward substances. She had seen this photo countless times, yet she didn’t find the photo any less appealing. If she could, she would’ve married Louie right away. Yet, he’s sleeping with another woman right now. Most women would kill to sleep with him. And now, I have an arrangement that can legally make me his wife. I’m not going to let this chance slip by.

Lucy’s father told her that Louie had control of that plot of land their family wanted to invest in. Louie had proposed an exchange. The arranged marriage’s cancellation for his plot of land. It was an enticing offer, and her father brought it up with her. He would like to see what she thought of it.

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