My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1568

Chapter 1568 A Nice Stroll

It was a peaceful stroll. The sun was shining; the birds were chirping. Jessie was leaning on Julian’s back, feeling safe. They ran into a few waitresses and were recognized immediately. “Oh my gosh!” The waitress gasped. “It’s them!” “They look so good together.” “He’s taking her on his back. I envy her.”

Jessie thought it was a bit daunting for Julian since he had to take her back to the villas. They were a few hundred yards away. However, instead of taking her back to her villa, Julian took her to his.

She asked Lexie to get her a set of clothes. She was staying in the same villa as her parents, and she didn’t want them to see the state she was in right now. That’s why she asked for Lexie’s help. “I’ll use your bathroom for a bit, Julian.” She took her clothes and headed for the bathroom.

“Sure,” he replied in acknowledgment. She wondered why he wasn’t looking at her. Why is he looking away? In all honesty, he wanted to look at her. However, she would notice the desire in his eyes if he did.

Jessie entered the master bedroom. Julian realized his phone was dead, so he went upstairs to get the charger, and it was then he heard Jessie showering in the bathroom. A current of electricity coursed through his body, and he took a seat on the couch, waiting for her. Then, he noticed something interesting. She forgot to take her clothes. Oh, does that mean I get to see something nice, then?

She only realized she had forgotten her clothes after she was done showering. Oh, god. But thank goodness that Julian’s downstairs. He’s not here, so there’s nothing to worry about. She covered herself with a towel and darted out of the bathroom. The moment she turned the corner, she saw Julian on the couch, and her clothes were right beside him. She exclaimed in her mind, Holy moly! I thought he was downstairs. Why is he here? “I-I need to take my clothes.” She held her towel tightly, worried it might slip.

He stared right at her, enjoying the beautiful sight in front of him.

He picked her clothes up and handed them to her. Thinking he was just being nice, she happily took the clothes, but then he suddenly held her hand and pulled her into his embrace. She caught a whiff of his scent and felt everything around her spin a little. Didn’t know he could be so cheeky. “Julian—” she started, though she never got to finish that sentence.

He held the back of her head and pressed his lips against hers. She’s so charming. I’d love to gobble her up right now. This is killing me.

Jessie was holding her towel with both hands, which made things easier for him. She can’t even push me now.

Julian didn’t push her any further, though. Once he had enough, he picked up his phone and charger. “I’ll be waiting downstairs.”

Even at night, the island glimmered and shimmered beautifully. The lighthouse and neon lights glowed the landmass up. The wedding dinner was a merry event as well. Everyone gathered and feasted with their friends. Some drank with their friends on the field outside.

The guests who had families stayed with their families, while the younger people took this chance to date a little.

Nigel and Queenie were talking to the elders while Jessie had run off. She wasn’t someone who could sit still. Naturally, she went straight to the place of her lover. He was waiting for her at the corner where it was dimly lit.

She trotted over to him like a little fairy who couldn’t wait to date her lover. Her hair billowed in the air, her dress dancing with the breeze. Eventually, they met, and she tilted her head. Adorably, she asked, “Guess what I got you?”

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