My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1567

Chapter 1567 On the Beach

The girl raised her hands. With the best effort she could muster, she tried her best to recount how much the grass had hurt her hand, trying her best to get her mother’s consolation. “Oh, did you hurt your hands?”

“Here, I’ll blow on it for you.” Anastasia blew the girl’s chubby hands and kissed them. Finally, the girl cracked a happy smile, and her slight grievance was finally sent off to the sea.

The island felt particularly languid in the afternoon. Clear blue skies and vast calm seas. Lots of the guests took the chance to have fun in the ocean. The older guests took a nap and prepared for the wedding dinner.

Queenie wanted to play as well, but she was in no condition for that. The first trimester was one of suffering as she couldn’t eat or sleep well—things were hard on her. Nevertheless, she told Jessie to seize the chance to have fun. It wasn’t every day she had a vacation, so she should make the most out of it. “Get Julian. He can go with you. Dad and Mom are chatting with their friends as well.” That was what Queenie told her.

Jessie was in a sprightly mood. Sleeping was the last thing on her mind—she wanted to have fun! The moment Julian got her call, he came to see her. They took a stroll through the area with coconut trees before emerging on the beach. Since everyone was far away from them, they had the whole beach to themselves. Jessie gasped in surprise and charged to the beach like a happy child. “Gilmore, you have to come down here!” She called his last name by accident. The girl was too happy to notice that.

Oh, I never did tell her how to address me. Guess that’s why she thinks she can call me whatever she wants. I need to change that. He followed her onto the beach. Then, he crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. “What did you just call me?” asked Julian.

Sheepishly, she said, “Sorry, I was a little too excited.” She never called him by his last name. Most of the time, it would just be ‘Mr. Gilmore.’

“From now on, you’re calling me Julian,” he said imperiously.

“But I think Mr. Gilmore sounds good, too.'”

“No. You’re calling me Julian.”

Proudly, Jessie nodded. “Okay, Julian.”

Julian patted her head. “Good. From now on, you’re calling me that.”

Oh, he can be so bossy about everything when he wants. She nodded in acknowledgment. Then, she scooped up some seawater. “Wow, it’s not cold at all. It feels warm.”

“Do you want to swim?”

She blinked. “Can I?”

“As long as you want it.” Julian nodded.

She was in a short dress, and they had no swimsuits lying around. Awkwardly, she said, “I’ll do it later.” She returned to the beach and had all the fun she wanted. She frolicked around and kept kicking the waters. Eventually, she lost her footing and fell. Right away, she backed away and plopped onto the sand. Well, this is super awkward. “Oh, no! I got sand all over me.”

“Wash yourself in the waters, then,” Julian suggested. Something twinkled in his eyes, and he gulped slightly. He thought she looked alluring when she was drenched.

Jessie took that advice and slowly stepped into the sea. She stopped when the seawater got to her waist level. Then, she let it wash the sand on her body away. When she came back up, her dress was already sticking to her, accentuating her legs. “We should go back now.” I need to get changed.

She’s not wearing any shoes. Julian made a mental note to himself before crouching down. “Get up. I’ll take you back on my back.”

She held her heels and let him take her back to the villa.

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