My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1566

Chapter 1566 Parenting

Julian sobered up a little just then as he was afraid that he might have frightened her with his shouting just now. He pressed his forehead against hers. “Did I scare you?”

“What? The fact that you kissed me, or the fact you yelled at Ashley?” Jessie smiled. A chuckle escaped his lips. “This is all your fault.”

“How is that my fault?” She blinked innocently. You kissed me, and that’s supposed to be my fault? How? “Because you’re too pretty. I couldn’t hold myself back.”

“You’re not cutting her pay. She’s a hardworking assistant, alright?” Jessie said solemnly. Julian gulped slightly at her serious tone. “Fine, I won’t cut her pay.” She heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that. “Get some sleep. I’ll head back and see if they need my help.”

I almost crossed the line. If Ashley hadn’t called me, I might have left a bad impression on Jessie. Darn, I shouldn’t have treated the first time so rashly. I don’t want her to remember her first time as some sloppy sex during someone else’s wedding, after all.

He nodded after snapping out of his thoughts. “Sure. I’m fine now. You should head over and help them.”

Once Jessie was gone, he lay on the bed and called Ashley, who was still shocked after the call. “Young Master Julian?” “Don’t worry. I won’t cut your pay. Orville can deal with the car problem.”

“I see. Did I interrupt something, sir?” Her guess was correct. “What are you talking about?” he snapped. “You were with Miss Jessie, weren’t you?”

Julian was speechless. She knows me well, huh? He snorted. “If you ask one more stupid question, you’re not getting paid this month.” Quickly, Ashley said, “Please, no, sir. Pretend I said nothing. You two have fun.”

He hung up soon after. His mind was still replaying the scene of the earlier kiss, which sobered him up completely.

Jessie returned to the ballroom, still looking red. Though, she composed herself once she got inside. However, she would still feel a little embarrassed every time she was reminded of that kiss.

Queenie was enjoying her desserts when Jessie entered the waiting room. “Jessie!” Queenie invited her to share the sweet stuff. “Come. I need someone to help me out with these.”

Jessie obliged. She sat down and enjoyed the desserts as well. Eating desserts is the happiest thing to do, she thought.

Everyone else was in the ballroom, chatting the hours away.

Jared and Willow were playing on the field outside with a group of bodyguards keeping an eye on them.

“Birdie…” Willow could make out some simple words now. She pointed at the birds flying overhead as she spun around in delight.

Jared crouched down beside her, smiling. “Do you like them?”

The girl nodded, grinning toothily. A gentle breeze whispered across the fields, and her hair clasped her chubby cheeks. It was an adorable sight to behold.

Anastasia came out a while later and watched her kids play. They were her whole world. Now, she no longer wanted to expand her company. It was big enough and was running well. Because of that, she now had more time with her family.

“Mommy!” Willow ran toward her the moment she saw Anastasia. She waddled like a little duckling as she ran.

And then, she fell. Jared tried to pull her up, but Anastasia stopped him. Willow expected her brother or mother to come over and pick her up, but she realized Anastasia was looking somewhere else while Jared wasn’t coming either. She puckered her lips and got back up herself, feeling a little miffed. However, that feeling went away with the wind. The girl clapped her hands and bravely went to her mother once again.

Anastasia pretended she just saw Willow. She picked the girl up and kissed her cheek. “Well done, Willow.”

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