My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1565

Chapter 1565 Making Out

Unbeknownst to her, Julian tensed up. Hoarsely, he asked, “Done?” Not yet. Little did Jessie know that she was dangerously close to making him snap. The alcohol was already fuzzing his mind in the first place, and what she was doing now made things worse.

She kept touching his belt and untangling her hair. When she was done, Julian looked redder than a cooked lobster, and his throat was parched. She got him a glass of water, and he gulped it down in one go. He then asked for another glass, and she poured another for him. Only then did he feel the fire within him die down a little.

She put the cup down. “I should take you upstairs. You need to rest.” He narrowed his eyes. “Sure.”

She took him upstairs. The alcohol was wearing off a bit, and his steps had more strength to them now. They entered his room, and Jessie noticed the curtains were open. Without much thought, she went over to draw the curtains, and the room went dim. Yet, Julian could still see the silhouette of her figure even with such poor lighting.

Right then, he couldn’t take it anymore. All he wanted was to rail her. He pulled her into his embrace, and when she turned around, he pressed his lips against hers.

Time stopped for a moment for Jessie, her eyes widening with shock. However, she couldn’t resist the kiss, not from him.

Slivers of sunshine slipped into the room, lending it an element of warmth. With a voice barely counting as a whisper, he asked, “Can I do you?”

She remained silent as she was overwhelmed with embarrassment. How do you expect me to answer that? Well, I’d say yes, but I’m a lady. I need to keep up appearances, she thought to herself. She wanted him to do her, but she lacked the courage to ask him so. Before she could say anything, Julian pressed on deeper with his kiss, his hand touching her supple lower back. At that point, Jessie surrendered herself to him, letting him take her for a ride. For a moment there, she forgot her sister’s wedding was still ongoing.

Jessie could taste the taste of alcohol in her mouth. It came from Julian. Every breath he exhaled was filled with his almost scalding warmth.

The alcohol still lingered in his system, so he spoke in a way that was out of his usual character, “Oh, you feel hot. Did you have too much to drink as well?”

No, I am hot because you’re making me hot and bothered!

“N-No, I didn’t,” she stammered. Just then, his phone rang, and she pushed him quickly. “Hey, someone’s calling you.”

However, he didn’t stop kissing. He huffed, “Ignore it. It’s nothing important.”

Unfortunately for him, the phone wouldn’t stop ringing. The only way to make it stop was for him to take the call. It must be important. Or else it would’ve stopped ringing by now. “You should take the call.” She shoved him away, huffing and puffing. If it’s important and he misses it, it’d be bad.

Julian stared at the phone with hatred and fury in his eyes. For a moment, he was seized by the urge to toss it out the window. Dammit. This has better be important, or else… He eyed the caller ID for a moment and took the call impatiently. “What is it?”

“Young Master Julian, someone just informed us your car got scratched,” Ashley said, apparently panicking.

Goddammit. “Next time, you settle this yourself. You call me because of something inconsequential like that again, and I’ll cut your pay!” he roared and tossed his phone away after hanging up.

Jessie blinked. Oh, was that Ashley? No, I can’t let him cut her pay. She’s a nice lady. She approached him and wrapped her arms around him. Softly, she consoled, “Alright, calm down now.”

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