My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1564

Chapter 1564 He’s Drunk

Julian noticed Jessie wiping her tears away, and he gave her an understanding look. If they weren’t in a church, he would have hugged her. The priest came forth and officiated the wedding. Eventually, the couple on stage exchanged their vows and hugged passionately. All the guests gave them thunderous applause.

Queenie didn’t toss her bouquet. Instead, she turned around and gave it to Jessie. Jessie blushed, but she took it happily anyway. Thank you for the blessing, Queenie. Jonathan made a speech to give the newlyweds all his blessings and hopes.

The banquet began, and the guests were served lavish, beautiful dishes. Willow had a great time eating them. The girl sat in a highchair and let her parents feed her. At the same time, she kept holding onto her candies.

Jared had grown into a handsome and dashing young boy. He stopped acting cute like how he used to. Now, he was more collected and mature. Once he was done eating, he took his sister away, leaving their parents alone so they could eat in peace.

Queenie switched into a dress proper for the banquet, and Jessie changed into a shorter dress as well. She and Julian accompanied the newlyweds as they went around raising toasts to everyone.

Queenie was a bit tired after all the toasting, so Jessie took her back to the waiting room. Nigel came in a while later with a drunk Julian tagging along behind him. He drank a lot. Most of those were supposed to be toasts for Nigel.

“Jessie, leave Queenie to me. You should take Julian back to his villa. He needs to rest. Look at him. He’s drunk.”

Jessie nodded. “Want me to hold you up?” she asked Julian.

“I can still walk,” he answered stubbornly, but the look on his face spoke otherwise. His fair-skinned face had a rosy hue to them, and she felt like biting him. They came to the corridor and made their way to the elevator. Then, he almost tripped over himself.

She held him up. “Let me help.”

Just then, Julian leaned down, and their faces were millimeters away. Jessie’s cheeks were set aflame. The moment the elevator opened, she dragged him into it.

A driver was tasked to take them back. She told him where Julian stayed, and the driver took them all the way there. She was already huffing and puffing when she painstakingly took Julian back home. He was nearly six feet two, and his size alone made it tough for her to drag him along.

She wanted to let go of him the moment he hit the couch, but all of a sudden, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down. Caught by surprise, she fell into his embrace, and her heart skipped a beat. She raised her head only to be met by a pair of passionate eyes. Even without asking, she knew what he had in his mind.

“Stay with me,” said Julian hoarsely.

“I-I need to go back.”

“But Nigel told you to take care of me.”

“H-How should I go about that?” Jessie stammered. I can’t take care of you while locked in your arms.

“Just let me hug you for a while.” With that, he held her tightly, refusing to let go.

Quietly, she leaned on his chest. Silence swooped down on them, but her heart was still beating violently against her ribcage. This is my sister’s wedding. I can’t believe I’m making out with him here. A moment later, she thought Julian might need some water, so she said, “I’ll get you some water.”

“Sure,” he replied.

However, for some reason, Jessie’s hair was tangled with his belt. A pang of pain shot through her head the moment she stood up, and she gasped. Immediately, she fell back to him once more. “My hair got tangled.”

After saying that, she tried to untangle her hair from his belt.

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