My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1563

Chapter 1563 Vows

The love between them was almost palpable. There was no exchange between them—none was needed, as all was understood. “After the wedding is over and after our show wraps up, let’s also hold a wedding like this, alright?” Julian spoke of the wish he had.

Surprise glinted in Jessie’s eyes. She wanted to have the kind of wedding her sister had as well, and now he was willing to give her just that. “Sure.” She nodded, anticipation filling her eyes.

He looked at the time and pulled her up. “We should go now. Don’t wanna be late.” Oh, right. Almost forgot. Her cheeks blushed. She held his hand and trotted all the way to the side door of the church.

Julian let her pull him along to the church. It feels like we’re running toward our happily ever after. They still had ten minutes left when they returned to the waiting room. Queenie looked at her sister and Julian, and she smiled as she thought, Seems like she has found her happily ever after as well.

That’s great. It’s just like what I imagined. We’re marrying men who are coincidentally good friends with each other. That’ll strengthen our bond.

“Five minutes left, Miss Silverstein. Get ready.” The makeup artists and their assistants were helping Queenie with her makeup while Jessie was holding her sister carefully. Julian, on the other hand, went to the groom’s waiting room.

The Presgraves were seated at the first table. Finally, Willow stretched her arms. She was woken up by the noise around her. Once she opened her eyes, the girl quickly sat up and held her father tightly. Elliot patted her shoulder and said, “Calm down, sweetie.”

The girl was a brave one. She looked around, and her attention was immediately focused on the candies on the table. Right away, she took a bag of it and held it tightly like a rabbit worried about its food getting stolen.

Anastasia saw that, and it amused her. She’s safe in her father’s hands, but she probably thinks someone will steal her candy anyway. She then turned her attention to Nigel, who looked dashing in his suit. She was reminded of her own wedding. It’s been three years. Time flies.

And then, it was time. The tune of Wedding March echoed across the hall, and the gates swung open. One gorgeous bride stood outside, the sun gleaming down on her. She emerged from the beam of light like an angel bearing happiness. Her bliss spread to all her guests, and even Willow was astounded by her beauty. She leaned on the table and stared at the lady who just came in.

Queenie held her father’s arm as she slowly marched toward the stage. Jessie followed behind them. Queenie’s face was covered with a veil, but everyone could still see how beautiful she was.

“The bride’s gorgeous.” “Indeed! The Mansons are so lucky.” Brenda was crying tears of joy as well. They’re finally getting married. Now, I can rest easy.

After Queenie ascended the stage, Nigel extended his hand to hold her. She’s pregnant. Can’t let anything happen to her. Brandon teared up and handed his daughter’s hand to Nigel. He then patted Nigel’s hand. “Take good care of her, Nigel.”

Nigel gave Brandon a look of determination. “Yes, Father. I will love her and protect her all my life.”

That is good enough for me. With that, Brandon left the stage. He wanted nothing more than for his daughter to marry a good man. All he wanted was for her to live a peaceful life.

Queenie teared up as well. Even after she was married, she would make it a point to visit her parents often. She wouldn’t want them to feel lonely.

For some reason, Jessie had the same thought as well. After I get married, I’ll also make sure to visit Dad and Mom as much as I can. I don’t want them to feel sad. I need to spend more time with them.

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