My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1562

Chapter 1562 The Wedding

Jessie and Queenie stayed with their parents while Nigel and his parents were welcoming the guests. They were too busy to do anything else for the moment.

And then, the day of the wedding came. A blanket of fog draped over the ocean, lending an air of mystique to the island. However, the mist bade a silent farewell the moment dawn broke through the horizon. A layer of humidity hung in the air, dancing with the scent of flowers. It spruced up the emotions of everyone on the island.

Jessie helped Queenie put her makeup on. She looked great after having a good night’s sleep. Then, it was Jessie’s turn to put on her makeup.

Most of the guests had arrived, taking up all the villas on the island. In the villa where the Presgraves stayed, Anastasia picked her sleeping daughter up.

Willow had a habit of sleeping in. She wouldn’t sleep at night, that was why. However, this wedding was important, and Anastasia would not let her daughter be tardy.

Willow’s cheeks were chubby and soft, and her eyelashes were long and curly. Her lips were puffed up, and her skin was gleaming. Her hair was black and thick but was unkempt from sleep.

Anastasia changed her into the pinkish-purple tutu and paired that up with a white shirt. She looked adorable, but the girl was still not awake. She was still lying on the couch while her mother did her hair. Eventually, Anastasia took her out of the room and gave her to Elliot. Once she was in the embrace of her father, the girl slept even better.

Elliot couldn’t resist kissing his daughter’s cheek. Ever since Willow was born, he had changed a lot. He spoiled his daughter to no end, and she became the most important thing in his life. She was like a modern princess, loved by her whole family, and even her brother spoiled her as well. Her brother had never raised his voice around her or bullied her. In fact, she was the one who would play tricks on him now and then.

“It’s almost 9.00AM. We need to go. Don’t want to be late.” Anastasia emerged from her room, wearing a dark blue dress for the wedding. She looked elegant and almost royal.

Elliot didn’t want to miss the wedding, either. He held up his daughter and emerged from the villa with his wife. Then, they got into a car and went to the church.

Jessie had arrived at the church. She got out of the car and saw Julian talking beside the grassy plains. He was wearing a bowtie, looking handsome in it. He landed on the island late at night the night before, so she didn’t have the chance to meet him until now. Now that she finally saw him, it filled her with delight.

She approached him. “I’ll be in the waiting room with Queenie.”

He nodded in acknowledgment. “Sure. Come back when you’re done.”

Jessie then took Queenie to the waiting room. The Mansons were there as well, and Jessie’s mother was present too. Alright, I guess I can slack off a little. The wedding starts at 9.30AM. I have half an hour to spare. With that thought in mind, she descended the stairs and saw Julian waiting for her beside the grassy plain. Her dress billowed in the wind, and the sea breeze danced with her hair.

Julian thought she looked just like a fairy who descended from her home in the skies.

They strolled down the path of the garden. The groups of guests were having fun in the distance, and roses bloomed on both sides of the path, celebrating the wedding that was to come and the love that was blooming. The couple said nothing, but they could feel romance hanging around them.

Jessie spaced out and found her heels stuck in the cracks of the rock path. She gasped as she lost her balance, and Julian pulled her into his embrace. She put her hands on his shoulders, her breathing labored. Then, their eyes met.

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