My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1560

Chapter 1560 Acceptance

Eva blinked. “Anything? Really?” “Yes, you can ask for anything. Other than contract termination, of course.” “In that case, give me your shares,” she proposed.

Louie was stunned for a moment. “You want to manage the company?” “Is that a no?” She cocked her eyebrow. “Of course not. I can give it to you if that’s what you want,” he replied. “But the pressure would be great.”

“I would like to ask you a question. If you were to give me your shares, does that mean the Constantines can’t have it anymore?” she asked seriously. A smile tugged at his lips. “Oh, so you’re worried about me, is that it? Don’t worry. I can settle this.”

“How?” “They really, really want this plot of land, but they don’t have enough connections to get it. However, I do. I’ll talk to them. They’ll have two choices; either they get the plot of land, or they get my shares. The latter of which can’t be liquefied. Don’t worry, Eva.” Euphoria welled within his eyes. Louie narrowed his eyes and approached her. “But I’m happy you’re concerned about me.”

She fixed her gaze on him. After a moment of staring at his face, she felt like she was being hit by a dizzy spell and could feel stars spinning around her. Even though she had seen many handsome actors in her career, they never made her heart race. Louie was the only one who had that effect on her.

“Let’s go to my office.” He got up and extended his hand.Eva held his hand and let him lead her to his office. There had been a rumor spreading around the company. It was about her going to marry Louie soon, and the fact that they were holding hands right at this moment just gave credence to this rumor.

She didn’t like coming to his office. One of the reasons was that she wanted to stay away from him. The other reason was that he was still her boss, and she would still feel intimidated by him.

He handed her his cup. “Here, use my cup.” She took it and approached the French window to take in the view. I’ve never realized that the view here is so beautiful. All of a sudden, Louie hugged her from behind, and it made her stiffen up a little. I still can’t get used to this show of affection, especially when we’re not at home.

“My place tonight?” he whispered into her ear.

Eva mused over it for a moment before nodding. “Sure.”

He heaved a sigh of relief. Finally! She’s finally let go of the past, and we can now move forward.

Despite their precautions, some fans still caught Julian and Jessie’s trip to the amusement park on camera. They didn’t disturb the couple, though they still posted the pictures online. Eventually, those photos had gone viral. Everyone who saw those images had only one thing that crossed their mind. This looks like something straight out of a romance novel.

The guy was tall, muscular, and handsome, while the lady was petite and cute. Jessie’s height only reached about Julian’s neck. This was the perfect height difference—it was something that usually showed up in novels and comics.

‘I’ve always thought they’d make a cute couple. This proves it. Can’t wait for their new show. I’m going to watch it as soon as it comes out.’

‘Dayum. Finally, some good f*cking food. Loving this.’

Jessie saw the photo when she was scrolling through her phone. Even she was shocked at it. So, that’s how we look together? My, am I always looking this slim? I never knew that. He’s so tall, making me look like a damsel beside him. In any case, I’m going to save this pic. Can’t help but love this pic so much. With that, she ended up making that picture her wallpaper.

She was going to try out her bridesmaid gown that afternoon, and she wondered if Julian would show up. After having lunch, she and her family went to a high-end boutique.

Everyone’s attention was on Queenie. The old Manson couple had come with them. The two families came to try out the clothes they would wear during the wedding. Jessie was with her sister, who tried out the new gown she ordered. With some assistance from the retail assistant, she managed to change into it and emerged from the room for everyone to see.

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