My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1559

Chapter 1559 Asked for It

Eva remained silent. She had that talk with Louie the night before. “Eva, you’re beautiful enough to marry any other wealthy man you want. You don’t have to obsess over Louie.” Lucy took a step back and pleaded, “Please. I don’t want to make things ugly, especially not with the Gilmores.”

Eva met Lucy’s eyes as she said icily, “But he doesn’t like you.” Lucy’s face fell. “What did you say? How did you know that?”

“Because he told me I’m the only one he loves. He won’t fall for anyone else. Not ever,” Eva answered calmly. “Miss Constantine, you won’t be happy marrying a man who doesn’t love you.” “How can you be sure he doesn’t like me?”

“I’ve known him for years. He fell for me five years ago and has been waiting for me to return his feelings since then. I’m not trying to brag, but he really loves me.” Eva was trying to dissuade Lucy from pressing on with the marriage.

She couldn’t leave him behind now, not when the alternative was… this woman. If Louie would hold on, then so would she.

“Why you…” Lucy’s face turned red from anger. She would’ve laughed it off had any other woman said that, but not Eva. Lucy knew whatever she said was the truth, after all. “Eva, beauty fades with age. He won’t stay in love with you once you lose your beauty.”

Eva blinked. “But at least he still likes me now. Anyway, I’ll be taking my leave now. I’m busy.” With that, she got up and left.

Lucy was left alone, feeling humiliated. She’s showing off, huh? “I bet he won’t stay in love with you if you lose that pretty face of yours.” Just then, her face was contorted with envy. And I’m going to ruin that face.

Eva emerged from the coffee shop, basking in the warm sunshine. It felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She wanted to call Louie to tell him she would accept his love.

The moment Louie exited the conference room, his assistant happily reported, “President Gilmore, I heard Eva came.” A smile tugged his lips as he whisked out his phone to call Eva. The call went through easily. “Hello?”

“You’re here?” “Yes.” “Come to my office.” “I’m just here to talk about the contract termination. So, I’m not going up there,” she replied.

What am I going to do with her? he thought to himself in resignation before descending the building to see her. At the same time, Eva was in the legal department, talking to the manager. The manager was in a dilemma. He didn’t have enough clearance to handle her contract termination, but she wouldn’t let him leave without a result.

“If you’re not giving me an answer, then we’ll have to do it by the book.” Eva was in a pure white dress, and her eyes were filled with determination. The intensity of her gaze was enough to intimidate most people.

“Please, Eva. You know there’s nothing I can do about this. I can’t do anything without the boss’ orders. I don’t have the authority to handle anything related to you.” “I don’t care. You’re printing the contract, then I’ll sign the papers,” Eva said.

“Fine, I’ll print it out. I can do that much.” The manager was about to send someone to print the contract, but then he saw his boss at the office’s doorstep. His eyes shone with hope as he stood up. “President Gilmore, you’ve come just in time!”

Eva heaved a sigh. He came to stop me again, didn’t he?

“I’ll handle this. You do your work,” Louie said. The manager scooted off immediately. Louie turned his attention to Eva. One look into her eyes, and he knew she wouldn’t stand down. He took a seat and faced her. “If you stay, you can have whatever you want,” he said, trying to persuade her to stay.

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