My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1554

Chapter 1554 Blush

Jessie’s throat began to feel dry as she continued to stare. She picked up the bottle of water beside her and took a few swigs. Julian went to his shooting spot and sat on a swivel-top stool that showed off his long legs in all their glory.

He was holding a rose in his hand, taking a whiff of its scent. His brows were trimmed and almost pointed; his thin lips pursed; his eyes filled with longing. Jessie couldn’t help but be held captivated by the sight of him.

Right then, he switched his pose. He spotted her right away as he looked beyond the camera. The sight of her almost made him get out of character as a hint of a smile flashed across his eyes. The smile in his eyes filled her heart with sweetness, and she returned a brilliant smile of her own.

The shoot was over in a moment. All the crew members were cleaning things up for the next session. Ashley then came to Jessie. “Jessie, Young Master Julian requires you in the waiting room.”

After getting informed of that, she went over as per request. When she opened the door to the waiting room and entered, she noticed Julian was the only occupant inside. He was still wearing the clothes from earlier, and she couldn’t help but peer at him like he was some work of art.

“You’re so handsome,” she praised. In the past, she would feel blessed just from having a few glances at the shots of Julian. So, naturally, she was ecstatic now that she had the privilege to see him at work closely.

Julian cocked his eyebrow upon hearing that. “Do you like it?” He wished for her approval.

“Of course. In fact, I love it,” Jessie spoke with passion and enthusiasm.

He extended his hand. “Come here.”

She took a seat on the couch and caressed his clothes. Silky smooth, she remarked in her mind.

“You came here quite early. Did you come here for me?” He narrowed his eyes as he asked.

Her cheeks burned, but she confessed, “Yes, that’s right.” It’s my day off. I’d have slept in if it were not because I would like to see you.

A contented smile tugged on his lips. All of a sudden, he leaned into her, and she ended up lying on the couch in an attempt to keep some distance between them. He placed his hands on either side of her frame, pushing himself up. The silky shirt he wore slid down and revealed his sturdy, sexy abs.

Julian had never shown his abs to anyone, but now she could stare at them as much as she wanted. It would have been a dream come true if she could touch them, but…

The position we’re in is quite awkward. What is he trying to—

Jessie’s thought was cut short when he leaned down and kissed her forehead, and she closed her eyes out of reflex. That forehead kiss was as far as he would go, or at least that was what he would do at first. However, now that she was playing along, he might as well take up on her offer. He moved down to the tip of her nose and gave it a peck. Then, he started moving downward again and pressed his lips against hers, sucking on it softly now and then.

Her mind went blank out of shock, but her heart pounded loud and fast out of embarrassment. Omigosh, we’re kissing in the waiting room while the crew members are all going around outside. This is going to be embarrassing if we get found. But… his kiss is just so gentle. She instinctively held his lower torso. Holy moly, his fans would kill me if they saw me hugging their idol.

After what had happened last time, Ashley was on her guard. A few crew members tried to go into the waiting room to unload some stuff, but she stopped them. “Sorry, but Young Master Julian is doing something important inside. He will not take kindly to any visitors,” she said. She had no idea what was happening inside, but her job was to keep her boss’ personal affairs away from the public’s prying eyes.

Eventually, Jessie found herself leaning on Julian’s chest, his hold on her tight. A moment later, the hug ended, but she could still feel the strong thump of his heartbeat smashing against her chest. Oh god, this is so embarrassing. She had never even held a boy’s hand before. This was her first relationship, yet her boyfriend was the man of many women’s dreams. Thus, she had yet to learn how to deal with this kind of stuff at times.

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