My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1513

Chapter 1513 Rumors Stopped

The crew members didn’t respond to such news. Meanwhile, Eva had been an actress for a pretty long time, so she knew how to prevent these rumors from hurting her.

She would just live her life and tell the whole world that she was doing fine. The paparazzi followed them to a restaurant, and they deliberately sat down by the window.

Eva took good care of Jessie as she shared her food with the woman and took a selfie with her. They talked about makeup, scripts, and every aspect of life. Indeed, women had a lot of common topics to talk about. On the other hand, Jessie didn’t expect that Eva, who was said to be a dispassionate person, would be so approachable, generous, well-mannered, and confident when they finally hung out together. There was no denying that Eva was a down-to-earth person.

“You have to make good use of this chance, Jessie. I’m sure you’ll succeed—it’s your first movie, after all. The plot is interesting, and all the actors are experienced. You mustn’t let the chance slip through your fingers.”

“Thanks, Eva. I’ll work harder.” “Just reach out to me whenever you need some guidance. I’ll help you with it.”

Jessie felt a powerful motion propelling her forward. When she was younger, she had been treated unfairly and went through a lot of hardship. But at this moment, she felt blessed and moved; she was loved, and her capabilities were acknowledged.

“Thank you for always supporting me, Eva.”

Eva didn’t have any close friends in showbiz, but for some reason, when she set her eyes on Jessie, she felt they were the same kind of people. They were drawn to each other as soon as they came into contact. They were fond of one another without any schemes or ulterior motives.

This kind of relationship wasn’t only found between opposite sexes, for two people of the same sex could be drawn to each other as well.

After dinner, they headed to a nearby shopping mall where they shopped together. Meanwhile, the paparazzi behind them were exhausted from snapping photos. It was the first time Eva had generously let them take photos of her.

By the time they returned to the hotel, photos of them having dinner and walking around a shopping mall were circulating all over the internet. The fans were pleased to see them getting along well.

Just some time ago, it was rumored that Eva felt helpless because she was just a supporting actress in the movie. Moreover, there were claims that Jessie was worried Eva would be more popular than her in this movie, so she had been putting on airs on set.

All of those rumors had now been stopped.

At about 10.00PM, Jessie was done showering while Lexie was cleaning up the room for her. Jessie received a message, so she promptly picked up her phone.

‘Are you asleep?’ Julian wrote.

‘Not yet.’

‘Rest early. Don’t overthink things.”

Jessie was amused. Why would I be overthinking?

‘I’m not, though.’

‘I’m worried you might miss me so much that you can’t fall asleep,’ the man texted confidently.

Jessie couldn’t help but break into laughter, then replied, ‘Don’t worry. I can slumber off pretty fast.’

‘Good to know. See you tomorrow.’

‘Good night.’ Jessie also sent him a smiling emoji.

At night, Jessie easily fell asleep, but she wasn’t aware that the man was suffering from insomnia.

The next morning, Jessie arrived at the makeup room and heard the makeup artists chatting among themselves.

“I saw Julian with dark circles beneath his eyes. Didn’t he sleep last night?”

“Well, I suppose we don’t have to put any makeup on his eyes. It seems like he’s given himself some eyeliner.”

“Perhaps he couldn’t sleep last night because someone was on his mind.”

“How I wish I were the one on his mind!”

“Stop daydreaming, will you?”

Meanwhile, Jessie was standing behind them with conflicted emotions. No way! He suffered from insomnia last night? Was it because of me?

After Jessie was done with her makeup, she left for the film set where Julian was shooting a fighting scene. Clad in black clothes, he was hung twenty feet above the ground instead of using a stunt double. His movements were smooth and elegant.

Although Jessie was used to getting tangled up in cables, she was still worried when she saw Julian getting lifted to such a height.

On this day, Jessie had to act with other people. Vincent gave her some instructions on how she should go about her daily life in the movie. Although Jessie had to work with other experienced actors, she didn’t feel pressured one bit.

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