My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1512

Chapter 1512 Dinner Date

Desire surged beneath Julian’s raven-black eyes, whirling with an unstoppable force, making it hard for him to let her go, only wanting more. Just then, the sound of an approved key card came at the door, which the two heard.

Jessie was first to react, and she shoved the man away nearly immediately, then wiped her lips frantically as she returned to her normal self in a split second as though the kiss had never happened.

Apart from her slightly throbbing lips, the other thing she could barely conceal was her bright scarlet cheeks. Meanwhile, Bethany came in with Julian’s afternoon tea. However, to her dismay, she received a death stare instead of praise from her boss right as she entered.

“Your afternoon tea, Boss.”

“Did I ask for it?!” Julian growled through gnashed teeth as he glared daggers at Bethany, who, a shrewd assistant, instantly knew she had ruined her boss’ moment when she found Jessie keeping her back faced toward her the whole time. Her head buzzed, and she hurriedly put the tea down. “I, uh, I gotta go. See ya.”

With that, Bethany fled as her life depended on it. However, the wonderful mood had already been cut short. Jessie bit her lip as her face burned ablaze. Her head was still blank, and all she could think of was the kiss.

“I should go back to my room.” Jessie stood up, planning on leaving.

“I thought you wanted to take care of me?” Julian asked somewhat aggrievedly.

“Well, you look fine now,” explained Jessie as she bit her lip. Her eyes sparkled, but she dared not look him in the eye, for she was tingling all over, and she’d die of shyness if she stayed any longer.

“I’m going back to my room.” With that, Jessie grabbed her phone and fled.

Meanwhile, disappointment flashed in Julian’s eyes, but he was more happy than disappointed as he could feel her acceptance. At the very least, she didn’t hate being kissed by him. At that, he picked up his phone and dialed Bethany’s number.

In no time, the poor assistant entered the room gingerly. “Young Master.”

“Send my afternoon tea to Jessie’s room,” Julian ordered.

“Yes, sir.” With that, Bethany took the tea over to Jessie’s.

Lexie had gone out when Jessie returned to her room, and as she sat on the couch, savoring what had happened, her face burned ablaze again, and she thought her heart was going to jump out of her chest.

Oh, my God! That was Julian Gilmore! The man of thousands and millions of girls’ dreams—well, mine too—but he’s someone unattainable when I was still just a stunt double! But h-he kissed me, and… to the point he nearly couldn’t stop!

If Bethany hadn’t appeared and interrupted them in time, Jessie believed the man would really swallow her up, and what was she going to do when the time came?!

Am I supposed to stop him or say yes? Jessie held her head as her face flushed crimson.

She knew full well that she couldn’t say no to him.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and she hurriedly patted her cheeks and then got up to answer the door, where she found Bethany standing behind it with a bag of afternoon tea. “Jessie, Young Master Julian asked me to hand this to you.”

“Thank him for me, please.” Jessie accepted it with a flushed face.

“Don’t worry about it.” Bethany smiled and caught Jessie’s flushed face. Young Master Julian wouldn’t deduct my entire pay for the month, will he?!

Later that night, Eva invited Jessie out for dinner after she returned from the set. It was worth noting that it was just the two of them. Julian wasn’t invited.

Jessie naturally said yes to it. Hell, this was her idol! It was her pleasure to be able to join Eva for a meal.

At that, Eva walked out gracefully hand-in-hand with Jessie, chatting away like the two were the best of friends. A group of paparazzi had been waiting aside for a long time as they heard Eva had joined a production. So, they wanted to get a scoop on her, especially when negative rumors had been spreading on the internet. Word was that Eva had joined Vincent’s production to suppress Jessie’s status. She wanted to defeat the newbie.

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