My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1511

Chapter 1511 Is This What Kissing Feels Like?

After Hazel’s attempted defamation, Fabian had come to realize one thing—Julian’s feelings for Jessie. Since then, he had been keeping a polite distance from Jessie on set. And now, with Eva around, he’d chat with her whenever he was bored.

Jessie was much simpler, and she got along with the cast and crew pretty well. What was more, she’d help out without any hesitation whenever she could, and it left a great impression on everyone.

In fact, they’d retort whatever negative posts people had of Jessie online, for the young woman they knew was benign.

“Struggle a little harder later, Jessie. You have to show your will to resist,” Vincent directed.

It was a scene of Julian shackling Jessie in his arms. As Jessie focused on listening to Vincent, she naturally went to Julian’s side, and the latter also naturally put an arm around her.

Following Vincent’s cue, Jessie struggled. As she was holding a sword, she hit the hilt on Julian’s nose by accident. The young woman turned around instantly only to find blood trickling down the man’s nose.

“Oh, my God!” Dumbstruck, she reflexively hugged Julian. “Lie down, quick! You’re bleeding!”

However, Julian lifted his chin instead, feeling amused and frustrated at the same time as he comforted her, “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m really sorry.” Jessie felt absolutely awful. Just then. Bethany came over with a damp towel, and Jessie helped Julian over to the chair aside to lie down. “Here, I’ll help you out,” expressed Jessie as she took a few pieces of napkins.

And just like that, the usually classy and noble Second Young Master of the Gilmore Family now had a ball of tissue paper shoved into one of his nostrils. But, of course, the crew aside dared not laugh even if they wanted to.

It seemed that the great Julian Gilmore would only ever listen to Jessie. As if anyone else would dare to do what the young woman did.

Because of his injury, Vincent had no choice but to reschedule their scenes to another day and send Julian on his way to the hotel to rest. As Jessie felt terrible, she volunteered to take care of him.

After returning to his room, Jessie demanded Julian lie down on the couch, forbidding him from getting up. At the same time, she sat aside and checked on his situation every now and then.

“I’m really sorry. It’s on me. I’ll be careful next time.” With that, she wrung the towel damp and gently wiped his face.

Meanwhile, Julian narrowed his eyes with absolute enjoyment as he smirked. “Oh, I bet there’ll be a next time.”

“C’mon, I said I’m sorry!” Jessie looked at him, then remembered how he looked with the ball of tissue stuck in his nose, and she couldn’t help bursting into laughter. The sweet laughter was like magic, healing Julian’s hurt little world.

That said, he was still rather exasperated, for he couldn’t believe the girl dared to laugh when she was the culprit to his injury. At that, he got up without warning and secured the back of her head before she could react to the situation. The next second, he moved his ravishing face close to her while the young woman was still processing what was going on.

Then, he gnawed her soft, moist lips exasperatedly with his thin lips, and Jessie’s eyes instantly widened with incredulity, her mind now blank. She had never shared such an intimate moment with any man before, and right then, the Julian Gilmore had stolen her first kiss away.

Julian, on the other hand, had just wanted to scare her, not liking the fact that she was ridiculing him. But who’d have thought he couldn’t let her go anymore after their lips touched?!

The hand clasping the back of Jessie’s head shifted down to the back of her neck like a shackle preventing her from backing out. Jessie’s mind was blank right then. All she knew was that Julian’s not-so-gentle nibbles became extremely gentle suckles gradually.

I-Is this what kissing feels like?

Never had Jessie imagined the idol she had always looked up to was now kissing her.

At that, she closed her eyes gently and reflexively wrapped her arms around his shoulder. The kiss appeared romantic and alluring in the quiet afternoon.

She loved how he dominated her with one of his hands clasping the back of her neck and the other pinching her chin gently. His muscular body wrapped around her as his breaths enveloped her.

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