My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1510

Chapter 1510 Acting Is as Easy as Eating

Vincent wailed inwardly in response. It finally dawned on him that Eva had decided to join his production entirely because she wanted to get away from a certain someone, and it wasn’t just anyone but his immediate boss—Louie Gilmore!

She took a transit flight straight from Moncent instead of returning to her home in Averna, avoiding him at all costs. It was evident how much she didn’t want to see their boss.

Meanwhile, in the CEO’s office at Stardom Corporation, a tall figure stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window with a phone in his hand while the sunlight shone on him through the window.

His face was deadpanned as usual, and his profound yet chilling eyes and thick brows made him look unforgivingly commanding.

Meanwhile, back on set, some crew members grouped together to meet Eve as soon as she arrived. After Vincent invited her over to his room, he had Julian bring Jessie over as well.

The young woman was memorizing her lines in her room when the doorbell rang, which Lexie answered. “Jessie, come out for a sec,” Julian called to her at the door.

Jessie hurriedly put her script down at that. To her surprise, Julian took her hand and led her toward Vincent’s room right as she came out.

As the door opened, Jessie covered her mouth in surprise, having trouble believing her idol was sizing her up with a smile on the couch.

“You must be Jessie. Come, sit.” Eva immediately scooched over, making space for Jessie, who took the seat excitedly, sizing her up like an avid fan. “You’re my idol, Miss Duncan. I love you so much.”

“How about we be best friends, Jessie? From now on, we’re besties.” Though it looked as though Eva was constantly surrounded by people, she was, in actuality, pretty lonely. She had few friends but many competitors and subordinates.

“Really?! Are we on a first-name basis then?!” Jessie squealed with excitement and gave Eva a hug which Eva returned as well.

Meanwhile, aside, Vincent mused, Besties? Who’s to say how you two will be related in the future?!

Julian, too, watched the scene with a subtle smile. “Why did you come straight here instead of making a stop at Averna?” he asked Eva, who blurted, “I have the itch to act.”

But, of course, he wasn’t one to fool easily. As a younger brother, the fact that Louie failed to win Eva’s heart even after three years concerned him.

“Alright, alright, everyone rest early! We’re running on a bit of a tight schedule here. Please keep your heads in the drama,” Vincent reminded, seeing that everyone seemed to have relaxed too soon.

Eva bought many gifts on this trip, and she took Jessie over to her room. In no time, the young woman was given a bag, lipsticks, sheet masks, and a set of skin care products Eva normally used.

Not only that, Eva even gave Lexie lipstick, and just like that, Jessie returned to her room with a bunch of gifts, giving a few sheet masks to Lexie along with the lipstick. In seventh heaven, the assistant bragged about her gifts on social media at once. She naturally didn’t dare mention who they were from, but it was super meaningful to her.

Later that night, Jessie video-chatted with Queenie. Naturally, the sisters could talk forever. Queenie was currently busy getting her wedding ready, and she even sent Jessie a picture of her bridesmaid dress—a pink haute couture dress.

It looked absolutely stunning, and Jessie fell in love with it immediately.

“I love it, Queens. You sure have a keen eye.”

“Naturally. In case you forgot, we’re twins. We share many preferences,” Queenie said matter-of-factly. “How’s filming? Are you doing well over there?”

“Absolutely. This is my passion.” Jessie beamed.

“Awesome. You and Julian should come over after we have the wedding preparations down.”

The sisters chatted until 11:00PM before they finally reluctantly ended the call.

Eva arrived on set bright and early the next morning. Though it was her first time playing a villainess, she still looked super cool. To her, acting was as easy as eating.

While she was reshooting Hazel’s scenes, Jessie, Julian, and Fabian were filming in the mountains.

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