My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1509

Chapter 1509 Put Her on the Phone

Vincent smiled confidently. “Trust me on this. I guarantee you she isn’t like Lestrange. It’s Eva whom I invited.” The reveal stunned Julian, and he narrowed his eyes. “Are you certain she’ll join us?”

“I was on the phone with her just now. I assure you she’ll come and take over Hazel’s role.” “Alright, good.” Julian was reassured.

Instantly, news of Hazel’s replacement spread in the group chat, and Lexie’s voice came at the door when Jessie was about to go to bed. “Jessie, have you slept yet?”

“What’s up?” At that, Lexie pushed the door open gently. “I have something important to tell you.” “What is it?”

“They’ve found the replacement actress for Hazel’s role. Guess who it is.” “Can I skip that part?”

“It’s Eva Duncan.” “Shut up!” Jessie sat up in surprise. “For real?! She’s my idol!”

“You must be the luckiest person in the world, Jess. Finally, you get to work with your idols.” Lexie was so pumped she couldn’t sleep either. She had been following Jessie, working as an assistant in a small production crew to becoming a member of an elite production team that day, and she was going to meet the idols she had dreamed of meeting.

The entire cast and crew were raving about Eva’s participation as the supporting actress the whole night.

She came from a scholastic family, and since winning best actress at age 20, she was still one of the most notable names in the industry now at age 25. She might be indifferent and keep a low profile, but nearly all her work was masterpieces.

Like Julian, she was also a mega superstar who had bagged all kinds of awards within the country’s entertainment industry and now, it was Eva’s second time in a supporting role since starting her career. Thus, it was why it became such a sensational piece of news among the cast and crew.

The following afternoon, Vincent took his assistant to the airport at 3.00PM to personally pick Eva up. The A-lister appeared in all black, covered up from head to toe, and true to her low-profile attitude, she only had an assistant with her.

As soon as she got into the vehicle, she removed her hat, glasses, and face mask, revealing a stunning face. She had been titled the number one goddess in showbiz, as her beauty, though subtle, was otherworldly, and apart from her stunning features, she was amiable like a water lily—not aggressive, yet aloof.

“Vincent, I heard you let a newbie take up the female lead this time, and Julian had recommended her at that. I’m pretty curious.” Eva smiled gently.

“You guys will meet soon enough.” Vincent beamed.

“Let’s go then,” said Eva. “I’m going to take a nap. I’ve been flying non-stop.”

“How come? Wait, you haven’t flown directly from the airport to here, have you? You didn’t go home at all?!” Vincent exclaimed.

“No, and I don’t need to.” With that, Eva took the blindfold from her assistant, pushed the seat back, and took her nap.

An unexplainable sense of uneasiness arose within Vincent, and his phone rang as if right on cue. As he checked the caller ID, Eve removed her blindfold and looked at his phone.

Upon seeing who it was, she turned to Vincent gravely. “Tell him I’m not with you.”

“Even so, he’ll find out later!” exasperated Vincent.

“Then, lie to him until he does,” Eva said.

“But I’ll get yelled at!” Vincent grumbled aggrievedly but still answered the call. “Hey, President Gilmore.”

“Have you picked her up yet?” A deep, chilling male voice came from the other end of the line.

“Sorry, who are you talking about, President?” Vincent decided to play dumb.

“You know full well whom I’m referring to.” A hint of anger laced his voice, and Vincent dropped the act at once. “Oh, yes, yes. Miss Duncan is with me. I’ve just picked her up from the airport.”

“Put her on the phone,” the man ordered.

At that, Vincent handed the phone over to the sleeping young woman, who waved her hand, signaling her disinterest.

“Miss Duncan is taking a nap right now, President Gilmore. I can’t possibly wake her up.” Vincent had no choice but to relay the rejection implicitly.

To that, the caller hung up.

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