My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1508

Chapter 1508 Guess Who’s the Supporting Actress

Hazel had garnered a level of fame since entering showbiz but never had she expected her one wrong move would ruin her career. Her legs were weak when she returned to her room, and she was devastated, unsure how to salvage the mistake.

At the same time, she was beside herself with anger at how unlucky she was this time. Nothing happened when she bullied other newbies in the past, but this time, to think the newbie popped out of nowhere was Julian’s girl.

Hazel started making calls as she sat on the couch, hoping to use whatever connection she could to save herself. But alas, no one in showbiz wanted—and in fact, dared not—help her after learning she had crossed Julian.

One should know that the Gilmores controlled half of the showbiz in the country; no other company had the power to go against them. The fact that Louie Gilmore, the CEO of Stardom Corporation, held the industry’s best resources aside, Julian’s status alone in showbiz was one none dared oppose.

Hazel sat dazedly in her room for a long while before ultimately heading to Vincent’s room. She decided to ask Vincent to intercede for her no matter what tonight.

However, there was nothing Vincent could do to save her either this time. He looked at Hazel, who stood piteously in front of his door, and said, “Just leave the set and don’t take up any work for now. Best that you lay low for a while; wait until Young Master Julian’s no longer pissed.”

Hazel knew it was all she could do at this point. “Then, if you can, Director Cooper, please put in a good word for me, alright? I don’t want to offend Young Master Julian. I didn’t mean it.”

“You think I dare mention you now? He’ll only hate you even more if anybody brings her up. Just pack up and go!” With that, the director shut his door.

Right now, he had to contact other actresses to replace Hazel to not delay the production.

He had a hard time deciding on whom to pick as he flipped through the profile of the actresses who had come for the audition. Just then, his phone rang, and he answered it once after realizing who it was. “Hey, Eva.”

“I’m back, Director. Are you still looking for actors? Can you assign me a role? Any role.”

“Now, c’mon, Eva, how dare I ask a big shot like you to join my production!”

“I’m serious. I’m bored right now. I want to take up a role. I’m good with any character.”

“Well, I am looking for a supporting actress if you’d like,” Vincent revealed.

“Yeah, I’m game!”

“Seriously?!” Though Vincent sounded surprised, he was excited about Eva’s participation, as it would mean another big name would be added to his production.

“Yeah. I’ll pack up and head over tomorrow.”

“Haven’t you just returned from Moncent? Are you sure you don’t want to take a break?”

“Nope. Hand me a digital copy of the script, will you, Vince?”

Vincent was doing somersaults in his head, surprised and joyous at the fact that Eva really wanted to join the production.

“Sure, right away.” With that, he hung up and hurriedly searched for the document to send to Eva.

He let out a deep breath. He had initially wanted Eva to be the female lead for this drama, but she was fully booked at the time, working on a commercial overseas. But now, she had returned and was willing to take up the supporting role. It sure was a good surprise.

Later, he went to Julian, who was sitting on the couch with a tablet in his hand, googling Jessie.

He sure was even more proactive than the PR department when it came to protecting Jessie’s reputation. If anything, he would have the PR department deal with the media and social media users who defame Jessie as soon as he learned about it.

Vincent immediately sat across from him after the former’s assistant invited him in. “Guess what news I come bearing, Julian.”

“What is it?” Julian lifted his head and took a gander at the director.

“I’ve found the actress for the supporting role. Guess who it is.”

“Well, I hope it isn’t someone evil like Lestrange,” commented Julian as he glued his eyes to the tablet.

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