My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1506

Chapter 1506 Pack Up and Go

Nobody dared snub it any longer, and they hurriedly gathered together to fish out all the footage from this behind-the-scenes clip as well as find the possible crew member who had released the recording.

Finally, an eagle-eyed young woman watching the footage exclaimed, “Guys, look. She’s recording with a phone. It might be her.”

“She’s Miss Hazel’s assistant. She’s probably just recording Miss Hazel.” “We’ll know for sure after we have her come over to Director Cooper’s, won’t we?”

Hazel’s assistant happened to have gone out to buy Hazel some fruits, and she was called to a conference room as soon as she arrived at the lobby.

“Bailey, were you the one who uploaded the behind-the-scenes clip online?” Vincent and a few higher-ups fixed their gaze on her.

“No, it wasn’t me.”

“Really? I’ve already verified it with the media, and it is you! Come clean, and I can spare you, but if you insist on being obstinate, you can say hi to prison.”

Bailey’s face blanched at once, and the fruits in her hands dropped to the floor. Even her legs had turned to jelly.

“I didn’t mean to do it. It’s… It’s Miss Hazel. She made me do it. I’m just following orders.” The assistant immediately shifted the blame to Hazel. It wasn’t a difficult choice at all between being put behind bars and losing this job.

“Why did Hazel ask you to do it?”

“She said… She said she wanted Young Master Julian’s fans to condemn Jessie Silverstein, and once her reputation on set is ruined, you might eventually kick her out.”

“And what good will this bring her?” Vincent turned grim.

“Miss Hazel just isn’t happy about becoming a supporting actress to a newbie. She said it seriously degrades her status, so she made me do it. I’m just an assistant. How dare I ignore her?”

Bailey confessed to it all, even Hazel’s malicious thoughts, and Vincent couldn’t believe he had picked the wrong person. Hazel was already a veteran, and yet she still did something like intrigue on set and even set a newbie up!

“Bring Hazel over!” Vincent growled.

Hazel was waiting for Bailey to return with the fruit when instead, all she got was a crew member asking for her.


“Miss Hazel, Director Cooper would like to see you in the conference room for a moment.”

“It’s already pretty late. Is it important?”

“I’m not sure either.” The crew member didn’t want to let on just yet.

Hazel had no choice but to reluctantly make her way to the conference room. Lo and behold, she found a grim Vincent as soon as she entered, and her heart couldn’t help skipping a beat. Then, as though she understood what was going on when she found Bailey sitting aside, she instantly berated the poor assistant, “How dare you slack off, Bailey?! I’ve been waiting for the fruit for ages!”

“I quit, Miss Hazel.” Well, Bailey had guts, that was for sure. “I’ll pack up and go,” she announced after putting the fruits on the table.

“W-What is the meaning of this?!” Hazel turned grim at once.

“Lestrange, Bailey has confessed to everything. I never thought giving you a chance to join my production would lead you to use such despicable ticks to discredit Jessie,” Vincent chided.

Hazel froze for a few seconds before she pulled out her usual coquetry card. “Director Cooper, there must be some mistake. Bailey had just uploaded it by accident. I already told her not to do it, but who’d have thought she wouldn’t listen to me? Oh, come on, I promise I’ll lecture her!”

“Don’t act dumb with me, Lestrange! Bailey said you instigated her to do it. She even said you’re jealous of Jessie because she’s a rookie, so you don’t want to be a rookie’s supporting act.”

“That’s not what I mean at all, Director Cooper! I’m just here to act.”

“Just pack up and go! You’re no longer welcome to join any of my productions.” Vincent shooed her away unforgivingly.

“I’ve learned my lesson, Director Cooper! I shouldn’t have attacked Jessie. She’s a good girl and a dedicated actress! It’s on me! Please give me another chance! I’ve really learned my lesson!” Hazel instantly looked piteously at Vincent in hopes that her beauty would soften him.

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