My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1505

Chapter 1505 Can’t Shrug It off Anymore

Jessie looked up at him and spoke up first. “Sorry I ruined your rep.” “And what wrong do you have? The ones at fault are those ill-intentioned.” Julian corrected her, then sat down across from her. Seeing that she was dejected, he tried to comfort her. “Don’t worry about it. The company will sort it out. It won’t damage your reputation.”

“Did a crew leak it? I know people can make money out of them,” Jessie asked, curious.

“Cooper’s looking into it. No matter who it is, they won’t be spared,” declared Julian as a hint of rage flashed across his eyes. This guy is targeting Jessie’s reputation.

“Lexie said you barely ate anything,” he mentioned with concern. She seemed to have lost even more weight since joining the production. “What do you want to eat? I’ll take you there.”

“No, we can’t be seen together right now. Besides, there have been tons of rumors going on between us in the first place. I’m really worried I’ll affect you.”

“In what sense?” He narrowed his eyes.

“Your reputation, of course!”

“What use do I have for that when I can’t even protect a friend?! You’re more important to me than my rep,” Julian declared gravely, making Jessie speechless with gratitude.

“Come on. I’ll take you out for food.” At that, he extended his hand out to her, wanting to pull her up. Jessie put her hand abashedly on his, and he immediately pulled her up, then just like that, he led her out of her room.

A few assistants were chatting in the corridor when they came out, and Jessie reflexively struggled. However, Julian held a tight grip on her hand, not giving her a chance to break free.

As soon as they had gone far enough, the assistants began whispering, and a rather loud assistant’s voice traveled to the elevator when the doors were closing. “Shut up! They’re really seeing each other?!”

The elevator door closed the next second, and Jessie’s head buzzed for a second. No, people can’t think that I’m dating Julian, can they?

Julian, on the other hand, stared at the moving numbers until they arrived at the lobby as though he hadn’t heard a word the assistant said. As she worried there would be a crowd outside, she withdrew her hand eventually, instinctively wanting to protect his reputation.

It didn’t matter if she got bashed, but he couldn’t be dragged through the mud. The one that hit her the hardest was a fan criticizing him, ‘What the heck is Julian thinking?! What a waste of his good looks. To think he’d fancy a nobody like her.’

Sometimes, words could be as sharp as a dagger, injuring someone indiscernibly, hurting deeply without ever bleeding.

Julian didn’t insist either, letting her have her way. That said, he’d glance behind his shoulder at the young woman walking behind him with every step he took. If she slowed down, then he would naturally wait for her.

The chauffeur was already standing by with the car outside, and Julian let Jessie hop in before going in himself.

Meanwhile, Vincent had the assistant director investigate the case, as he simply couldn’t allow something like this to happen again. Anyone who slandered his cast would be held legally responsible.

Hazel, on the other hand, became apprehensive after seeing the trending page in the afternoon. The scandal escalated far too quickly, and Jessie was bashed for good. Julian’s fans were now criticizing Jessie for anything and everything.

“What are we going to do, Miss Hazel?! I heard the assistant director’s investigating this case. What if he finds out it’s us?!” Hazel’s assistant was freaking out.

“Stand your ground. As long as they don’t know it’s us, the whole thing will fizzle out sooner or later.” Hazel was still rather collected as she had similar experiences. Sure, they’d investigate the situation, but it would be just an act most of the time, and they’d just warn people from doing something like this again.

However, right then, Vincent was bellowing in his room, “What do you mean you can’t find anything?! Pull all the footage from that day out. Young Master Julian personally ordered the investigation. We’ll stop all filming until we get to the bottom of this. So, dig into it now!”

The few members of staff had just been putting on a show at first, and their hearts skipped a beat after hearing Vincent’s words. It seemed that they couldn’t shrug it off anymore.

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