My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1504

Chapter 1504 Make Space for the Two

One was a Demon Lord, and the other was the War God. Alioth crushed all forces, giving Atlas, the War God, a hard time. As a young celestial servant, Estelle immediately stood in front of her master when he coughed out a mouthful of blood, leading Alioth to withdraw his energy and command icily, “Come here.”

“I will never leave my master!” Jessie recited her line. Meanwhile, an eerie sensation exuded from Julian even though he was basking under the sun, and the surrounding crew sensed it too. It was as though Julian was genuinely pissed and not just acting.

Following, Fabian recited his line, commanding as he panted, “You’re my celestial servant. You’re not allowed to go anywhere but stay by my side!”

“Don’t worry, Master. I won’t leave you.” Jessie stared firmly at him while he held her hand. Julian knew they were all just acting, yet he couldn’t help narrowing his icy gaze as he looked at how affectionately Jessie was looking at Fabian.

“Cut!” Vincent cried out in time, believing someone would get super jealous if he let the scene go on. “Julian, we need a panning shot from you. You two can take five.”

After Jessie eased her mood, she looked toward Julian as a few cameras panned around him. The malice in his contemptuous gaze was intimidating, looking like it could obliterate the entire world.

Julian completed his shots perfectly in no time, and Vincent had them take a break.

Then, Lexie rushed to Jessie and handed her a phone. “Jessie, quick, look. Someone leaked your scene and said you forcibly made it dramatic.”

Jessie checked the clip out and found that it was the time she accidentally fell into Julian’s arms. The fans were already infuriated at this point, for what she did was absolutely outrageous to the fans.

‘F*ck, how dare a newbie do this to Julian! And she even threw herself at him!’

‘Call me a jack*ss if she’s only acting. I swear she’s using the chance to molest Julian. What a shameless b*tch!’

The scandal instantly hit the number one spot on the trending page with the title ‘Nameless Actress Pisses Public Off with Her Dramatic Acting’.

Later that night, Vincent had learned of it after calling it a day, and the man was pissed with a capital P. He loathed when the behind the scene footage had been leaked out before his drama was even released.

Meanwhile, the victim of this scandal, Jessie, was bewildered. In fact, she had a feeling someone was targeting her.

At dinner time, she sorted her meal out inside the hotel, for the scandal left her somewhat traumatized, afraid of what else other people would capture without her knowledge. It genuinely overwhelmed her a little when she was condemned before she even had one legit work released publicly.

Lexie, on the other hand, had been scrolling through post after post and grew increasingly livid with time. The whole Internet had learned of the scandal at this point, as Julian had a massive fanbase and great notability. Now, with her name attached to Julian, Jessie once again became a viral character on the internet.

It was also at the same time when a knock came at the door, and Lexie answered it at once. “Young Master Julian, what brings you here?” she asked with surprise.

“Have you guys had dinner?” Julian asked.

“We just did, but Jessie barely ate any because she’s feeling pretty down in the dumps.”

Meanwhile, Jessie instantly pulled herself together as she listened to the conversation at the door. Being a shrewd one, Lexie said to Julian, “Young Master Julian, can you please look after Jessie for a while? I need to get something and can only come back more than an hour later.”

With that, she grabbed her phone and headed out, not caring if Julian agreed to her request or not.

Jessie, of course, knew the girl was deliberately making space for them to spend time together.

Just as she blushed, Julian entered her room. He was dressed in casual wear right then, and his crisp eyes, tall nose, and perfectly shaped lips made him look like a fairytale prince under the lights.

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