My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1488

Chapter 1488 Don’t Bother Me with Trifle Matters Again

Both the kisser and the one being kissed were stumped.

Jessie hurriedly removed the towel from her eyes, only to blush when she finally realized who it was. Julian, on the other hand, continued to fish out Jessie’s phone for her.

His face was merely inches away from her. He was so close that she could even feel his breath brushing against her face.

Finally, he successfully retrieved her phone. However, a red line formed on the back of his hand due to the force he exerted.

While taking the phone from him, Jessie looked at the slightly bruised hand with pain. “I’m sorry. Does it hurt?”

As the seats came with a massage function, there was a small gap between the seats. So, fishing out a fallen phone wasn’t so hard.

“Don’t worry about it. How are your eyes?” asked Julian as he scrutinized her eyes.

Jessie blinked tentatively and couldn’t help gushing when whatever was in her eyes was gone. “They’re fine now.”

“That’s good.” Julian was relieved. “You stay here while I take a look outside.”

“No, wait! Let’s go together.” Jessie didn’t want to miss out on the rest of the event, especially when there were refreshments and a gift-giving session. Besides, she had also prepared some goodie bags to hand out!

When the two came out of the car, the media concurrently pointed their cameras in their direction. It was Jessie’s first time facing so many media outlets. Thus, she felt intimidated by their cameras.

Vincent personally came to check on Jessie before ushering the media and guests for some refreshments. Meanwhile, the assistants also began handing out goodie bags. As usual, Julian was generous. Anyone who showed up would receive two thousand dollars’ worth of goodies from him. Hence, the media beamed with joy.

With such a handsome gift, the pictures of this booting ceremony would undoubtedly be decent at the very least, and sure enough, the pictures the media published all looked stunning.

Lexie had given all of Jessie’s goodie bags away, and she had claimed Julian and Vincent’s goodie bags for herself too. If anything, she just wanted a piece of joy and luck at the event. Julian’s assistant, too, accepted some goodie bags while Julian took Jessie’s and handed the rest to his assistant.

It was evident her goodie bag weighed differently from his.

The booting ceremony thereafter ended on a high note, and everyone returned to the hotel together.

After Julian returned to his room, a knock came at his door, and he assumed it was Jessie for he had requested her to join him in a read-through in the afternoon. With that, he answered the door only to find someone else—Lisa, who had evidently dressed up.

“I have something I want to talk to you about, Julian. Can I come in?” She beamed affectionately.

“You can tell me right here,” he answered nonchalantly.

“It has to do with your privacy. I think it’s best if we talk inside,” she suggested.

To that, Julian pondered for a moment and let her in. Just as Lisa entered, a phone that had its recorder on was tucked away behind the pillar.

They worked for Lisa, and she had deliberately made the arrangement. Her popularity had plummeted recently, and the best way to garner public attention was to have dating rumors with Julian. Hence, she wanted to use this method to pull her popularity back up.

“So, what is it?” He looked icily at Lisa as he sat on the couch.

Lisa, on the other hand, felt utterly defeated. She had starred in a production alongside him, and they even played as a couple in the show, but in reality, he treated her with nothing but impassiveness.

“Julian, I heard someone had taken pictures of you changing in the previous production. You have to watch out. Your new show has just begun to broadcast. I worry someone will use them to slander you.”

Seeing that she just wanted to tell him about such trifle issues, he checked his watch to find it was already 2.18PM, while his rendezvous time with Jessie was at 2.30PM.

At that, he stood up and said, “I’ve still got stuff to do, Miss Powers. Please don’t bother me with trifling matters again.”

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