My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1487

Chapter 1487 Intimacy

The reporters were still not done with the photo session when a breeze whisked through them and brought up some sand. Before Jessie could react, some sand had come into contact with her eyes. Although Julian’s face was covered with sweat, he still pulled Jessie into his arms and brought her somewhere else before checking her eyes.

Jessie couldn’t open her eyes, but it was nothing serious.

Julian gently blew some air at her eyes, not once concealing his concern for the woman even though they were surrounded by fans and reporters.

Lisa Powers gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. Why is Julian so concerned about this new actress?

Just then, a female supporter recognized her and exclaimed, “Oh, my gosh! Are you Lisa?”

“You’ve gotten the wrong person.” At that, Lisa covered her face with her hand and turned around to leave.

She had to head to another film set. Since she wasn’t selected as the female lead for this movie, she could only settle for another historical movie she didn’t have high hopes for. Furthermore, she was paired with an actor who hadn’t made a name for himself yet. Therefore, she loathed Julian for treating Jessie so well.

Vincent had agreed to let her take part in the audition, but Julian crushed her hope. On the other hand, Jessie must have used a dirty trick to snatch that chance from her.

Hence, she hated them both.

After getting into the car, she still couldn’t help but set her eyes on the opening ceremony. That place was bustling with noises, and everyone was congratulating the director, the actors, and the actresses.

On the other hand, she was an award-winning actress, but her opening ceremony the day before had been cheerless.

“Have you seen Jessie? What does she look like?” Lisa’s assistant asked in an angry voice.

Lisa said through clenched teeth, “She has nothing but a beautiful face. Do you think she can act at all?”

“I agree with you. Everyone says she got her role by sleeping with some powerful man.”

However, Lisa knew that Jessie did not necessarily bed anyone to land the role, for Julian was protective of her. Julian was someone who hated loose women, so there was no way Jessie had slept with someone since he was fond of her.

That was what made Lisa feel crestfallen. She had fallen in love with Julian during the production of their previous movie. She had spent one and a half years wooing him, but he still wasn’t into her at all. What was more, he had hired a body double to take part in all their intimate scenes.

Is Julian going to use a body double during their intimate scenes this time? She couldn’t help but wonder. As far as she was concerned, Julian had been using body doubles since his very first movie, never taking part in intimate scenes at all.

All his movies were critically acclaimed because he was good at acting, and the plots were interesting as well. Meanwhile, intimate scenes were less important.

Jessie still felt some soreness in her eyes while Lexie helped her get into the car. Someone sent them a bottle of eye lotion, to which Julian accepted it and got into the car as well.

Seeing that, Lexie tactfully got out of the vehicle. Jessie’s eyes were covered with tears, which could easily arouse a man’s pity.

“Don’t move. I’ll help clean your eyes.” As Julian spoke, he picked up a towel and gently rubbed the corners of her eyes. Jessie blinked, then drops of tears slid down her cheeks. He dabbed her face with the towel and helped her with the eye lotion.

As soon as the eye lotion came into contact with her eyes, the cold sensation made her blink rapidly. The man felt sorry for her.

“Let’s cover your eyes with a cold towel.” Julian picked up another towel and wrung it out. Then, he lowered her seat and placed the towel over her eyes.

The light blue tower perfectly matched her delicate facial features. Her pink lips, which were pressed into a line, were especially alluring. Julian couldn’t help but be drawn to her face.

As he gaped at her, he realized that the temperature in the car was rising rapidly. He couldn’t help but gulp. Right then, Jessie’s phone, which was in her hand, slid down to the space beside the seat.

“Did I drop my phone?” Jessie asked as she was unable to open her eyes.

“Yes. Do you want me to pick it up for you?”

“Yes, please.”

Julian got up slightly and hovered above Jessie as he tried to pick her phone up. However, the inside of the car wasn’t spacious. Her phone was on the floor, so their faces almost came into contact. Jessie realized that the man was very close to her, so she instinctively wanted to get up. To her surprise, she accidentally kissed the man’s cheek.

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