My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1486

Chapter 1486 Standing Up for Her

The fact that Julian and Jessie, the female lead of the new film, had checked into the same hotel soon became trending news.

Jessie’s room was just beside Julian’s. In fact, she was staying in a luxurious suite. She had brought three suitcases with her that were full of clothes, toiletries, and her favorite snacks of the finest quality that her mother had bought for her.

Her luggage was filled with her parents’ love.

In the afternoon, they were going to have a meal together. The moment Jessie stepped out of her room, she came across Julian, who had two assistants and four bodyguards with him. His assistants, who were a man and a woman, had been responsible for taking care of his daily needs.

“Let’s go downstairs together,” Julian offered.

Jessie nodded and stepped into the elevator with him. A while later, the elevator stopped moving, and two actresses entered the next moment. They were familiar faces in showbiz. Both of them were equally excited when they saw Julian, but when they set their eyes on Jessie, they appeared scornful and derisive.

Needless to say, a new actress probably slept with some powerful figure to land the role of the female lead.

Therefore, in their eyes, Jessie snatched the role using such a deplorable way.

Jessie sensitively detected their disdain, but there was nothing she could do about it. No one in showbiz was aware that she was a young lady from the Silverstein Family yet. Hence, she couldn’t blame them for seeing her through colored lenses.

“Hey, I hear there’s a rising actress recently. Do you know what’s going on?”

“Oh, you mean a certain someone, huh? I know her. I hear that she landed her role by sleeping with some powerful man. Youngsters these days are pretty loose, aren’t they?” Upon finishing her words, the actress shot a glance at Jessie.

Although they never named anyone, Jessie knew that they were mocking her. Faced with such slander, she didn’t know how to refute them.

“Are you done?” a man’s impassive voice was heard questioning.

The actresses were shocked. When they turned their heads around and saw Julian getting furious, they couldn’t help but flinch.

“If you dare humiliate her again, I’ll make sure you’ll be expelled from showbiz,” Julian warned them with his gaze.

The color drained from their faces as they diffidently hung their heads low. Just then, the elevator doors opened. The actresses dashed out of the elevator even though it wasn’t the floor they intended to get off at.

Only Jessie and Julian were left in the elevator. She said gratefully, “Thanks for standing up for me.”

“If anyone dares to say such things to you again, just tell me. I’ll handle it for you,” Julian said to her.

Moved, Jessie bowed her head.

They slept through the night in the hotel, and the opening ceremony started at 10.00AM the next morning.

Jessie, Julian, and six other main actors and actresses had come together. Reporters from different media companies were present as well. Then, Vincent was welcomed onstage to give a speech. Following that, the actors and actresses let the reporters take photos of them.

Jessie was standing beside Julian, and as they were surrounded by reporters who snapped photos of them, she felt the emotions in her heart undulating as though they were there to attend her wedding, and the man she loved was just beside her.

Many people were there to watch the opening ceremony, including a low-profile woman. The sunglasses and mask that she wore concealed her face, but it was apparent that she had a curvy figure. Behind the sunglasses were a pair of jealous eyes that stared fixedly at Jessie. However, when she looked at Julian, she appeared dejected and melancholic. She was the female lead in Julian’s previous movie.

When word got out that Eva had resigned from her role, she was the first one to call Vincent, who immediately agreed to let her take part in the audition. She was pleased and expectant, but eventually, she learned that Julian had canceled the audition.

Soon, she found out that Julian had reserved the role for a new actress who used to be a body double.

As an award-winning actress, she was naturally helpless. Therefore, she came to the opening ceremony on this day to see for herself why this new actress had managed to gain Julian’s favor.

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