My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1485

Chapter 1485 Arriving at the Filming Location

Just then, Jessie received a message on her phone. The moment she picked up her phone, her lips twisted into a smile as her eyes tinged with joy. It was Julian.

‘Are you done with the photoshoot? Are you heading home?’ he asked caringly.

‘Yes, I’m done with it. I’m going home right now,’ Jessie replied.

‘Get some rest when you reach home. The opening ceremony will be held soon.’

“I will. You should get some rest as well,’ Jessie replied considerately.

The opening ceremony would take place in three days, and she would be busy starring in the movie. Apart from acting, she looked forward to spending most of her time with Julian on set.

By then, they would be living in the same place. During their spare time, they could read their scripts together. They might also have to work together until the middle of the night. All in all, she could do many things with him.

The next morning, Jessie’s photos were posted on various social media pages. Her fans started praising her as they looked forward to watching the movie in cinemas, especially when the movie had been adapted from their favorite story.

While Jessie was swamped with work, Queenie was busy preparing for her wedding. Indeed, their lives were fulfilling.

On the third morning, they had to head to the filming location to take part in the opening ceremony. There was no doubt that the company was wealthy as all the important actors and actresses boarded a chartered plane reserved for the occasion. In the morning, Jessie headed to the airport with Lexie and the three bodyguards her father had hired for her.

The moment they entered the cabin, Lexie excitedly grabbed the hem of Jessie’s clothes as soon as she caught sight of Julian sitting by the window. The man was clad in black clothes. His dispassionate demeanor seemed to have formed a barrier around him, which ensured that no one would disturb him without permission.

However, when he saw Jessie, he curled up his lips and patted the seat beside him. “Have a seat here.”

Jessie said something to Lexie, who then went to the economy-class cabin. After that, Jessie took a seat beside Julian where they were in the first-class cabin. There were about fifty crew members who boarded the plane with them.

Vincent and several important members were also seated in the first-class cabin, still talking about work. As Jessie listened to them, the plane started moving forward on the runway.

Instantly, she became nervous. Though others might not believe her, it was only her second time onboard a plane. When she was a body double back then, she always chose the cheapest mode of transport wherever she went.

Given her identity at that time, traveling in a plane was a luxury.

Therefore, she couldn’t help but feel anxious the moment the plane moved forward. The man beside her saw the anxiety on her face, so he leaned close to the woman and placated her by saying, “Don’t worry. It’s safe.”

Jessie nodded at him, her face stiff. She wouldn’t want to embarrass herself, but she couldn’t stop feeling uneasy.

The instant the plane took off, she was deluged with a sense of weightlessness all of a sudden. She wrapped her arm around Julian’s and pressed her head against the man’s shoulder.

Julian just let her do whatever she wanted. When the plane finally stabilized, Jessie released his arm, her face evidently blushing.

“Do you feel better?” Julian asked in a small voice.

Jessie lowered her head. “Yes, I’m fine now.” Then, she was drawn to the clouds outside of the plane.

When Julian saw her looking out the window, he unfastened his belt and said, “You can have my seat.”

Jessie gave him a grateful look and became seated by the window so that she could have a better look at the view outside. The clouds seemed soft, and they had been dyed golden as the sun cast its glow on them. It was just like the legendary story that would be turned into a film.

When they arrived at the airport, they were not greeted by fans since they hadn’t revealed their schedule on the internet. Following that, Jessie and Julian headed to the hotel in the same car. Jessie had returned to the largest filming location in the country once again, but she was in a different mood this time.

Now, she had come back as an actress, and she would take part in her first movie.

After arriving at the hotel, they entered the place while trying not to attract anyone’s attention. However, their photos were still taken by the paparazzi who had been waiting for them. Therefore, news started spreading online.

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