My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1483

Chapter 1483 Conversation

Elliot carried his daughter with a smile. Nigel felt slightly hurt, for the little one was pretty forgetful.

“Nice to see you again, Nigel.” Anastasia came out of the room with a smile. Queenie’s eyes brightened, for she thought that Mrs. Presgrave was alluring. There was no denying that she was a stunning beauty.

Although Queenie had seen many beautiful women, Anastasia was still the most charming and graceful woman she had ever come across.

“Anastasia, let me introduce her to you. She’s Queenie.” Nigel then introduced Anastasia to Queenie. “She’s Elliot’s wife, who is also the president and chairperson of QR Jewelry Group.”

Queenie instantly had the urge to learn from her. She hoped that she would be as independent and capable as Anastasia one day. “Nice to meet you, Anastasia. I’m Queenie.” As she spoke, she gazed at the woman with admiration.

On the other hand, Anastasia immediately took a liking to her. She supposed that they were the same kind of people, for she could tell that Queenie was a kind-hearted and friendly woman at first glance.

She was truly pleased that Nigel had found such a gentle yet determined wife.

“Please come in.” Anastasia took Queenie’s hand and shuffled into the private room. When Queenie saw a handsome young boy sitting on the couch, she was awestruck, thinking that the Presgraves were all good-looking people.

“Jared, say hi to Aunt Queenie,” Anastasia said to her son.

“Hi, Aunt Queenie,” Jared greeted politely.

“Hi, Jared.” Queenie waved her hand with a smile.

Then, the men entered the room. Willow had stopped throwing a tantrum and was now focused on munching the cookie in her hands. Elliot put her down in a highchair, and the little one continued having her snack.

There was no doubt that she was a foodie who spent most of her time eating. Even though she was just one and a half years old, she already weighed about thirty pounds.

Anastasia had been trying to help her lose some weight, but the little one would never miss a meal, or she would blow her top. Therefore, Anastasia could only let her be.

“Call me uncle, Willow. I have something delicious for you.” Nigel was still saddened by the fact that his beloved niece had forgotten about him.

The instant the little one heard there was food for her, she turned to look at Nigel, who was trying to attract her attention with a cake.

She quickly put down the cookie and took the cake, then proceeded to devour it wholeheartedly.

“Queenie, did Nigel tell you that I held my wedding on an island? The weather is lovely in August, so the island would be a good place to hold a wedding.” Anastasia started having a chat with Queenie.

“He told me about it before. I love being on the island. In fact, the wedding planners have gone over to set up the venue.”

Beside them, Elliot and Nigel were talking about the guests they had to invite. In fact, Nigel’s parents would send the invitation cards to their relatives, and he would phone his friends to inform them about it.

There was a lot to talk about regarding the wedding, and they had fun chatting with each other.

Queenie could feel that the Presgraves were all kind and considerate people. Willow and Jared were good-looking and obedient. On the other hand, Elliot seemed like a responsible husband and father who took good care of his wife and children. Queenie couldn’t help but envision herself taking care of her future kids after she married Nigel.

While Elliot was patiently feeding food to his daughter, Anastasia and Queenie started talking about jewelry. Anastasia taught her how to select and identify real gems while Queenie learned everything that she could from her attentively.

After they were done with the meal, the men amused the kids while Anastasia took Queenie’s hand and sat down on the couch. She passed her the gift she had prepared for her. “Queenie, it’s my first time seeing you, so I’ve prepared a gift for you. I hope you’ll like it.”

Queenie opened the box and realized that it was a set of fine jewelry. The accessories were stunning.

“It’s too expensive, Anastasia.”

“You’re getting married, so you’ll need these accessories. They’ll match your evening gown perfectly.” The jewelry Anastasia gave her was costly, and she had designed them herself.

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