My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1482

Chapter 1482 Meeting Nigel and Queenie

“When she falls asleep tonight, come to the master bedroom,” Elliot pleaded hoarsely. The last time he had asked Anastasia, she said yes, but she fell asleep after putting Willow to sleep and missed the date as a result.

He was left hanging the whole night and spent the next day complaining to her nonstop. It was only after she went to work with him and spent two hours in the hotel next door that he finally let her off the hook.

“We’ll see.” She didn’t say yes that readily this time, just in case she stood him up again. He would pull the same stunt on her once more if that happened.

“I don’t care. If you aren’t coming to me, then I’ll go to you.” He pressed his forehead against hers.

She had no choice but to nod. “Fine.”

And then, the humming of a car traveled across the air. Anastasia pushed him away, took two steps backward, and straightened her hair and dress. Their son was growing up, so they had to be careful not to show any intimacy in front of him.

Jared was seven years old, yet he was taller than his peers, probably because he got his father’s genes. He stood at about four feet seven, and he looked like a middle schooler when in his uniform. And now, he would even get embarrassed when he was getting called by his nickname. He had truly grown up a lot.

The first thing he saw when he came in was his sleeping sister. He quickly approached the stroller without taking his bag off. Gently, he looked at her before turning around to look at his parents. “Dad, Mom, I’m home.”

“Put your bag in your room. We’re having dinner with Uncle Nigel tonight,” Anastasia said softly.

“Really? Cool. I miss him.” Jared quickly went upstairs and came back down a moment later.

And then, the Presgraves left. Anastasia got into the car with Willow in her arms. The girl was still sleeping, and she shone like a little golden ball under the sun. A golden ball that smelled like milk.

Jared huddled around his mother, staring at his sister. And then, he kissed Willow’s hand. He liked how she smelled.

Three black cars set off for a restaurant in town.

Nigel picked Queenie up and set off for the restaurant as well. Queenie felt a little nervous. She had heard of Elliot’s name, but only in the news. She had never seen him in person and having dinner with someone as prestigious as him put a lot of pressure on her.

When the Presgraves came to the room, Willow had woken up. She looked around and started exploring the place. She crawled around the sofa, played with the trinkets on the table, and went to the balcony. She had a lot of energy after that recharge.

Since the door was open, Nigel found a little ball of something approaching him when he came in, and that something hugged him. He stared down, and the sight of the baby melted his heart.

Queenie gasped. “Oh my god, she’s so cute!” Right then, she saw a muscular man standing outside, and it was none other than Elliot, the baby’s father.

Nigel picked the baby up and introduced, “Queenie, this is Elliot.” He introduced Queenie to Elliot as well. “This is Queenie, my girlfriend.”

“Hi, I’m Queenie. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She smiled politely.

Elliot smiled at her as well. “Hello.”

It was then Willow puckered her lips. She turned around and started hollering, clamoring for her father. After not seeing Nigel for a couple of months, she couldn’t recognize him anymore.

“Oh, sweetheart, don’t cry. It’s me, Uncle Nigel. Don’t you remember me?” He quickly tried to calm the girl down, but she still puckered her lips and looked for her father.

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