My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1481

Chapter 1481 Main Couple Returns

Two weeks later, Queenie and Nigel were already back in Averna. It was a sunny morning. They first had breakfast at home, and Nigel went to work in the afternoon. He asked the Presgrave couple out for dinner at night. It had been a while since Queenie and Jessie met, so the sisters locked themselves up in their room and had a little girl’s talk.

Jessie stared at the pictures of the island, looking forward to visiting it during her sister’s wedding. Preparations were underway, and there was only a month left before the event. Queenie had to start the preparations on her side, like testing out gowns.

“We want you and Julian to be our bridesmaid and best man,” Queenie said.

Jessie blushed, but more than that, she felt happy. And she looked forward to it as well.

In the meantime, Elliot came down with Willow in his arms. His family would have dinner with his friends later that night. Willow was in pink attire, and her hair was tied up in pigtails. She looked like a doll who was sucking on her chubby hands.

“Mommy, Mommy…” The girl wanted to see her mother, but Anastasia was nowhere to be found, and she was about to cry.

Anastasia was working on the patio. When she heard her daughter, she ended her call and darted into the living room. She approached her husband and kissed her daughter. Willow hugged her and kissed her back. “We’ll go for dinner once Jared comes home,” Anastasia said. I suppose she’s eager to head out for a walk, too.

Elliot was preparing the things his daughter needed—a baby bottle, cup, diapers, toys, and her favorite snacks.

“Don’t forget to take this, Elliot. It’s a gift for Nigel’s girlfriend,” Anastasia reminded gently.

He put it in Willow’s bag and placed the bag on the stroller. Anastasia had taken Willow outside. The girl was eighteen months old, and she loved to run around the most. She had boundless energy to spend.

A few rounds later, Anastasia found herself exhausted. However, Willow was still brimming with energy, and she started running to the fields. Elliot quickly held his wife. “I’ll do it. You get some rest.”

With that, he followed Willow quietly. When she tripped over a blade of grass, he went by her without helping her up.

Willow puckered her lips, staring at her father. Why isn’t Daddy helping me up? When she realized her father wasn’t going to help her, she got back up herself and chased after her father. Dads usually let their children do more so they can be more independent.

Elliot did want to help his daughter a few times, but he held the urge down just so she could be tougher.

After Willow came back, Anastasia was already waiting with a bottle of milk in her hand. The girl quickly gulped it down as she happily lay in her father’s arms. Eventually, she started dozing off and fell asleep without finishing her milk.

Elliot took the bottle away and kissed his sleeping daughter. The love in his eyes was palpable.

She was then placed in the stroller. Anastasia was cleaning up, and the moment she went past her husband, he pulled her into his embrace. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he pressed his lips against hers. Only when the girl was asleep did they have time to flirt around.

Anastasia was immersed in the moment. I might have neglected him a lot after I had the baby. I spend a lot of time working and taking care of the kids. It feels like I don’t love my husband anymore, huh?

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