My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1480

Chapter 1480 Encouragement

“Sorry, but I can’t help,” Jessie refused. “Are you still angry at me? I’m sorry. A lot of things happened back then, so I was in a bad mood. Please don’t be angry at me.”

“I have to sleep now, Miss Houston. Goodbye.” “Jessie? Jessie!” Lulu didn’t want to hang up, but Jessie couldn’t care less. She hung up anyway.

She continued reading the script. Everyone was watching her, especially the role she would play. She wouldn’t let anyone down, nor would she give those haters a chance to mock her. I will play this role perfectly. I will challenge the impossible. However, not too long later, her phone rang again. It was another unfamiliar number. She hesitated for a moment, but she picked it up anyway. “Who’s this?”

“Jessie? It’s me, Mabel.” Of course, Jessie knew who Mabel was. She narrowed her eyes. “Anything you need?”

“I just heard the news, and I’m happy for you. I knew you’d get the role the moment I saw you getting along with Julian. Didn’t think Vincent approves of you as well.”

Jessie stayed quiet and let her talk. As she expected, Mabel started showing her true colors moments later.

“My friend told me you guys are looking for a tritagonist. Can you help me out?” Mabel asked without feeling any shame at all.

“Sorry, but I can’t help,” Jessie answered coolly.

“Please, you gotta help me. Things are hard, and we’re desperate for a job. Please, help me out. I’ll help you out if you need me down the line.”

“I don’t need your help.”

Jessie was about to hang up, but Mabel hissed, “Don’t get too cocky, Jessie. You might have gotten lucky this time, but Julian might not help you next time. You need friends, get it?”

“You didn’t get what I meant. I don’t need a friend like you.” Jessie scoffed.

“Why you little… I don’t know how you got the role, but what I do know is that an amateur like you can’t possibly do the part of the female lead. They might change you out for someone else halfway through,” Mabel mocked.

“I don’t need your advice.” With that, Jessie hung up.

That was twice in a row. She couldn’t believe it. She could never forget how these people had mocked her, and these people were the reason she resolved to walk this path. She looked through Trending on social media to see how Fallen Heaven was faring, but to her surprise, the top search was something involving her.

She clicked into it and noticed that the comments had already hit a hundred grand and rising. She covered her mouth. She didn’t open the comments in case they were all insults. In the end, however, she wanted to see what the netizens thought of her, so she clicked on it. And the content surprised her—a lot of fans were looking forward to this.

‘I heard she’s the prettiest stuntwoman around. Now, I know why. I’m looking forward to this.’

‘She looks like a goddess. She won’t disappoint us.’

‘I’ve seen too many familiar faces in too many shows. A newbie brings in a breath of fresh air.’

‘Hey, she got Julian’s seal of approval. So, she gets my seal of approval as well.’

‘I’d love to see this film. I bet it’s romantic.’

Jessie felt a weight lifted off her shoulders. If the fans are rooting for me, I have to root for myself as well.

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