My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1478

Chapter 1478 The Script

Jessie was listening to the music and enjoying the view. The question came out of nowhere, and it made her blush. “Will the scene get really intimate?” “For you, yes.” Julian looked at her.

Her heart skipped a beat. So, there’s going to be something more intimate than a kiss? But I’m going to act with him anyway, so… She decided to go all in. “I’m fine. I’m ready.”

The man beside her stayed silent. Does she have to ready herself even when she’s acting with me? Is she that reluctant?

“Just asking, but whenever you have any intimate scenes, do you shoot it yourself, or do you use a stand-in?” She looked at him. He used to have a few kissing scenes in his works. Most of his works were heavily story-based, but kissing scenes were unavoidable.

Julian was speechless. Why is she asking that? Is she jealous, or is she just curious?

I guess he’s not answering that. She then smiled sheepishly. “Sorry. Just asking. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“Stand-ins,” he answered.

Jessie blinked. Really? Well, it looks like I’ll have to watch his films again. Carefully this time. I’d like to see if he actually had stand-ins to do those scenes.

“I’m a clean freak. Sort of. So, all intimate scenes are done by stand-ins,” he answered seriously.

She believed him. Then, she continued to ask, “So, are you going to use stand-ins this time, too?”

Once again, Julian was speechless.

Oops, did I go too far with the question? She quickly resolved the awkward situation. “It’s fine. I’m fine with stand-ins if that’s what the story needs.”

“No. This time, I’m going to do it myself.” He stared at her.

There’s no way I’m letting her do the kissing scene with the stand-in, Julian thought. Jessie blushed and turned away as a smile formed on her lips. She couldn’t help it. The happy feeling that she felt was too great for her to keep under control. She coughed lightly before responding, “Is that so? I’ll be counting on you, then.”

My on-screen first kiss is still yet to be given away. We’re both doing it for the first time here. You might end up teaching me something instead.

They had finally reached the Silverstein Residence. Jessie got out of the car and bent down a little. “Drive safely.”

“Alright. You should head inside now.” He waved at her. “I’ll go after you go into your house.”

She then went into the residence. Though, she remained standing by the entrance to see him off before going into the living room. Her parents were waiting for her. Maggie had some fruits and soup prepared for her. Jessie had lost a bit of weight, and Maggie wanted to make sure she stayed healthy.

After Jessie finished the soup, she said, “Dad, Mom, I’m going back to my room. Gotta read through the script.”

“Sure. But don’t stay up too late. Health comes first.”

“I know.” She happily went upstairs and entered her room. She sat in a comfy position and started reading through her script seriously. It was thick and written more like a captivating novel than a script.

The characters and scenes were vividly illustrated. She could imagine them as she read on, and eventually, she was engrossed in them. As she imagined the scenes and saw how she and Julian would interact, she was filled with a bubbly feeling.

It was a story set in a mythical world. Celestial Realm’s top god fell into the path of evil for his beloved. Without their leader, the realm fell into disarray. The three Ancient Gods managed to procure a sliver of the High Imperial’s beloved’s soul and remade her body. However, to everyone’s surprise, the girl grew up to be someone without any spirituality.

Jessie noticed that the girl was an optimistic, fearless, and adept soul. She might have no talent in cultivation, but she cared about the world and would always try to save it.

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