My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1474

Chapter 1474 Gossip

“I saw it too. The crew posted a few photos, though. Julian gave everyone presents, not her alone. I can’t believe she’d bluff like that.”

Jessie was surprised. Hey, I’m riding on his coattails, too. I wonder if the public is also gossiping about me.

“The only one who can match Julian now is Jessie. Nobody else can.”

“That’s right! The only female celebrity he treats nicely in private is Jessie. Nobody else.” The assistants kept praising Jessie as they ate their cakes.

Jessie blushed hard at their words.

Back on the island, Queenie was enjoying the beautiful morning view. Every day she woke up, she would have something to look forward to, and life never felt better. She loved this feeling, though, for three days, she didn’t manage to see the sunrise as she had overslept. Every day, she was woken up by Nigel’s kiss, not the sun. Still, it felt good.

She had decided to hold their wedding on this island. The view was perfect, and the villas were aplenty. The island looked like something straight out of a portrait. It was just right for a romantic wedding.

The wedding planners came soon after. They talked about how they should set up the wedding, and the couple finally had something to do, which was planning the wedding. It was an important task for them.

At 3.00PM, Nigel took her to a safe spot to dive. They held hands and swam among the fish, enjoying the underwater view. It was another good memory.

Just like that, their vacation came to an end. Time flew when they were with their beloved. All that was left were memories. They stayed back for a few days to plan their wedding before leaving for home. The wedding would be held on the eighth day of the eighth month as it was a very auspicious day.

Queenie was sitting on the beach chair. She called her mother and told her about the wedding date. Now that the date was settled, the Silversteins needed to draft up their guest list. Both came from families who did business. Naturally, they had a long list of guests they wanted to invite to the wedding.

“How’s Jessie doing?”

“She’s doing fine. She goes to class in the morning and stays with us at night.”

Queenie felt a lot better knowing that. With Jessie staying with their parents, she could plan the wedding without worries. Once the wedding was done, she would go back for visits often.

Right after Nigel left the villa, someone called him. He looked at the screen and smiled. “Hey.”

“I heard you’re getting married.” A deep and sexy voice rang out.

“I was just gonna tell you. Yeah, I’m getting married.”

“Congrats. Let’s meet up when you come back. Anastasia and I would love to meet your soon-to-be wife.”

“Sure. We’ll meet up once we return.”

“See you.”

Nigel came to the beach and saw Queenie picking seashells around the shore. The waters glimmered under the sun, and she looked like a mermaid playing by the sea. He felt his heart throb just looking at her.

He took his shoes off and approached her.

Queenie noticed him and showed him what she got. “Look what I’ve found! It’s pretty, isn’t it?” She was holding a rare, beautiful shell.

“It is. I’ll collect some, too.” He held her hand as they strolled on the sand, thinking about their future. “So, where do you wanna go for our honeymoon?”

She mused for a moment. “A quiet place. Somewhere not too rowdy.”

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