My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1473

Chapter 1473 Teatime

“Alright, fine. But be gentle, okay?” Queenie relented. She had given herself to him anyway. All she wanted to do was grasp his heart and make sure nobody would catch his eye.

She missed breakfast the following day as the only thing she wanted to do was sleep. She felt like she could sleep the whole day. Even when Nigel called her to have breakfast, she didn’t even bother to get up.

She only woke up at lunchtime, and when she saw the hickeys all over her, her face turned red—she was embarrassed!

Nigel took her around after lunch. Their diving session would have to wait until the last day.

Back in the city, Jessie spent the whole week learning new things. Except for mealtimes and sleep, she spent all her time learning and making notes. She even spent a lot of time working between sets, learning things she couldn’t learn in class. And Stardom’s marketing for her was a success. So, today, she was heading to the company to shoot a bunch of posters for her official debut.

Jessie arrived at the company at 10.00AM. She was then led to the dressing room. An hour later, she went to the photoshoot. Even though she was debuting as an actress, this wasn’t her first rodeo in filming. She knew how to pose for the camera. Even the cameraman thought she stood out among all the beauties. She would be one of the best-looking women in the industry.

Someone entered the room just then. The assistant almost screamed when she saw him, but the man shushed her. He said he was only here to see someone and didn’t wish to disturb Jessie.

Jessie was half-lying before a bouquet of flowers. She held herself up with her elbow, looking like a beautiful butterfly that was about to take flight. Even though the cameraman took the photos head-on, she still looked gorgeous.

The man standing by the doorstep looked at Jessie with his arms crossed. He was pleased with her performance as well.

“Be a bit more expressive, Jessie,” the cameraman requested.

She nodded. Then, she followed her assistant’s guidance and changed to another posture. It was then she saw the man by the entrance, and her eyes lit up. The cameraman took the chance and snapped a photo. Perfect! She looks so alive.

Jessie couldn’t go over to him because she was in a photoshoot, but she was still delighted to see Julian. Like a maiden in love, she was radiating happiness from head to toe.

Julian smiled at her, and she couldn’t wait until the shoot was over. When it was done, she went to see him, but he wasn’t around anymore.

A look of disappointment filled her face. He’s gone? I thought he was gonna chat.

“Teatime, Jessie. Julian bought these. It’s awesome.”

“Whoa. That shop’s stuff costs a lot.”

“Yeah. Most people can’t even afford it.”

The assistants knew full well they could enjoy these thanks to Jessie, so they quickly invited her. “Come over, Jessie.”

She smiled and approached the assistants. She had some coffee and texted Julian, ‘Why did you leave?’

‘I had something to do.’

‘Thanks for the treat.’

‘No problem.’

Jessie munched on her cake, feeling moved. And then, she heard the assistants talking about a certain actress. “Someone rode on Julian’s fame. Remember Yennefer? Yennefer Cheshire? She said Julian had also treated her well during the time they were working together. That b*tch posted a thank-you note for him.”

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