My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1472

Chapter 1472 You Can’t Escape Now

A thousand thoughts flashed through his head. Suddenly, someone knocked on his door, and he reached it in one moment. His breathing was ragged, but he nonetheless opened the door. When he saw what Queenie was wearing, he gulped. That’s all she’s wearing? “It’s cold at night. You’re gonna catch a cold. You should—”

Nigel wanted her to change into something thicker, but before he could even finish his sentence, Queenie interrupted, “I don’t wanna sleep alone. I wanna share a room.” She went past him and entered his room.

Nigel’s lips formed into a smile. I knew it. She was afraid to sleep alone. So, she’s sleeping here tonight? “Don’t worry. This is a safe island. My cousin had bought the whole place. This is my family’s turf now,” he assured her.

You dummy. That was just an excuse. Don’t you know what I’m getting at? She got into his bed and covered herself with the blanket, showing only her head. She looked cute with her cheeks red and eyes wide.

He then looked at the sofa. “I’ll sleep on the sofa, then?”

Queenie looked at the sofa and patted the spot beside her as she ordered, “You’re sleeping here.”

“But won’t I disturb you?” he asked.

She sighed. That’s an obvious hint. Fine, I’ll do it myself. She got out of bed and approached Nigel with her eyes fixed on him the whole time.

He gulped. What’s she trying to do? If she keeps staring at me like that, I won’t be able to hold myself back anymore.

Queenie took a step forward, and Nigel took a step back lest he pounced on her. He was already at the edge of the bed, and she pushed him. The moment he plopped down, she pinned him down on the bed.

Finally, he realized what she was trying to do, and he noticed the scent of alcohol hanging in the air. He quickly asked, “Are you drunk, Queenie?”

“Nigel, you say you love me, but I think you’re lying,” she hissed, complaints evident in her voice.

It made Nigel panic, and he argued, “I am not lying. I will never lie to you.”

“Then, why… why aren’t you interested in me at all?” She stared at him with interrogative eyes.

He almost laughed at that. Not interested? I’m crazy for you. If it weren’t for my sanity holding me back, I’d have gobbled you up. “I am interested in you, but I’d like our first time to happen on our wedding night. I—”

Once again, he couldn’t finish his words as she pressed her lips against his.

And Nigel finally snapped. He could no longer hold himself back, and he pinned Queenie down instead.

A few moments later, she stared at him, her breathing ragged. She noticed the feral desire welling within his eyes, and she wanted to escape. I can feel he loves me so much that he wants to gobble me up. I need to get away. I think I have just flirted with something I shouldn’t have. She then smiled sheepishly. “You’re right. I think we should wait—”

“Too late for that.” Nigel narrowed his eyes. There’s no way for you to escape now.

“No. We’re going diving tomorrow. I need to sleep to make sure I’m in my top form.”

“We can go the day after tomorrow. We can stay for a month if a week isn’t enough. In any case, you’re not going anywhere tonight,” he whispered, his voice filled with lust.

Queenie regretted trying to seduce him. Though, at least she could feel how much he loved her.

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