My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1471

Chapter 1471 Night Time

In the end, Nigel picked her up and returned to the villa. The air was filled with the sound of her chuckles. Oh, he’s such a tease. He maintains a weak grip for me to lean closer and hug him tighter.

And he even spins me around. It was exciting but also tense. She knew he wouldn’t let her fall, but still, she was worried. “Hey, hold me tight. Stop spinning,” she grumbled.

He stopped teasing her then and took her back to the villa. Two hundred yards was nothing for him, even with Queenie in his arms.

It was about 9.30PM when they returned. Nigel took the guest room, leaving the master bedroom for Queenie. She had lived her whole life in a bustling city. Now that she was alone in a room with nothing but a moon as her companion, she felt like staying with Nigel.

Before he could enter his room, she asked, “Can we share a room for the night?”

“Why? You can’t sleep alone?” He spoke with concern in his voice.

Is he calling me a scaredy cat? Queenie wouldn’t admit she was scared, so she shook her head. “I can sleep alone!”

“Then, get some sleep. We’ll be diving tomorrow. You need enough sleep to replenish your energy,” he said gently.

She was a little disappointed. Am I not charming enough? We’re alone together, and he’s still not reacting. While she was still spacing out, Nigel had already gone into his room. Annoyed, she threw a little tantrum. Fine, we’ll sleep in separate rooms, then. I gave you a chance, but you wouldn’t use it. You’re such a dummy! She returned to her room with complaints in her heart.

At the same time, Nigel peeked outside and heaved a sigh of relief. If she had stayed out any longer, I would have snapped. He wished to leave the best memories for their wedding night. I bet she’d think it’s memorable. He wouldn’t do as he wanted. It was all for the sake of the best memory. I wouldn’t want her complaining that I didn’t give her a memorable moment. He went into the bathroom and took a cold shower to put off the flame within him.

Queenie took a shower as well. She went to the wine cabinet and stared at the content. Eventually, she uncorked a bottle of red wine. I need this, or I can’t sleep. She was frustrated, but the more she drank, the more annoyed she was.

Is he trying to cancel the wedding? Does he think I’m not hot enough? That was an important question for a lady. It’d be discouraging if she couldn’t interest the man she liked. And it was a sign of a crisis. She was worried he might fall for someone else easily.

She drank another glass of wine and remembered she had brought a long camisole with her. She took that just for this vacation. Now is the perfect time for me to use it. I must prove that I’m hot. She’d lose sleep otherwise. With the liquid courage in her, she became bolder.

She entered the bathroom and changed into the camisole. She even sprinkled her favorite perfume over herself. One last look in the mirror and a deep breath later, she emerged from her room and made her way to Nigel’s.

Nigel had changed into silk pajamas. He was lying on the bed, and his mind was occupied by Queenie. Did she take a shower? Or is she enjoying some music? Or is she reading the news? Is she thinking about me? I hope she does. If she doesn’t think about me, does that mean she doesn’t find me attractive? Ladies don’t show their horny side publicly, but I’m her boyfriend, and I’m right beside her. She should think about me, right?

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